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It is necessary to support young entrepreneurs for the future of Basilicata and Italy

At the recent Confartigianato Young Entrepreneurs Convention, which was also attended by a delegation from Basilicata, the alarm was raised about the demographic decline and the risk to generational turnover in companies. The president of the Young Entrepreneurs, Davide Peli, underlined the importance of investing in the new generations to guarantee Italy’s future.

According to Peli: “The future of Italy depends on how much and how we invest in the new generations. There is a lot to change when we consider that of the twelve euros in government spending on pensions and healthcare for the elderly, today only one euro is spent on young people and families.” It also emphasized that emphasis should be placed on high-quality training and technical education to develop skills fit for the digital revolution, and that business transfers should be encouraged through instruments such as tax credits.

Enrico Quintavalle and Licia Redolfi from Confartigianato examined the situation of youth work in Italy, noting a significant demographic decline among young people and a growing difficulty for companies to find qualified staff. In the decade 2013-2023, the youth population between 20 and 34 years old decreased by 8.7%, while the number of entrepreneurs over 60 exceeded that of young people under 35. Despite this, youth employment increased by 8.8% between 2021 and 2023.

Maria Cristina Pisani, President of the National Youth Council, took part in the panel “Shared Visions: How different generations contribute to the growth of the country”, underlining the importance of intergenerationality. Rosa Gentile, national and regional manager of Conpartigianato, reiterated that “Change and innovation are the key words for young entrepreneurs”. He also underlined the importance of business continuity and generational change to preserve traditional crafts and adapt them to modern technologies.

The Convention emphasized that young entrepreneurs are ready to face the future, but need the support of public decision-makers to meet the new challenges of the market and technology.

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