You’ll never guess the most expensive app on Quest!

Now WeldVR is the most expensive app on Quest. In fact, this welding-based training application retails for $1,000. But the good news is that you can enjoy a 20-minute free trial.

Released in May 2023, WeldVR retails for $1,000. This is the most expensive app you can find on the VR app store Meta. But what makes this app so valuable? Well, WeldVR is welding training with a portable virtual reality system. It covers MIG, TIG and Stick techniques. In addition, it provides ongoing monitoring of progress and personalized advice to improve skills.

The company Cythero is behind WeldVR. It ensures that their application offers a number of scenarios and welding techniques. There are also different types of joints and welding positions. The app contains authentic welding sounds and realistic weld puddle simulations. Thus, the simulator helps trainees to perfect their reactivity. It also allows them to adjust their technique. They then benefit from an overall improvement in their welding skills.

But above all, users can exercise without risk cause property damage or accidents as no actual flame or intense heat is involved. They run no risk of burning themselves, hurting themselves or inhaling harmful fumes while practicing. At the same time, they reduce the risk to other people who may be present around them.

A complete package for WeldVR

The company offers a complete package for $6,000 for WeldVR. This includes the helmet and additional accessories for a more realistic simulation of welding tools. This package meets the needs professional users rather than individuals.

WeldVR therefore dethroned Fetal Heart VR, which is priced at $240. For your information, this is a learning tool for understanding congenital heart defects. It allows you to virtually explore models of normal and abnormal hearts.

Note that WeldVR is compatible with Meta Quest platforms, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro And Meta Quest 2. Does the price of this application seem too high for you? Rejoice, you enjoy one 20 minute trial period. To do this, go directly to the app’s store page.

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