Yahoo: New updates for Artifact AI

The story of Artifacts It had quite a few ups and downs. Initially, the news platform based onartificial intelligence created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom (co-founders of Instagram) initially did not get positive feedback from users. This led to the closure of the project. The situation changed with yahoo who decided to take over by acquiring the technology to be able to implement it in his own company new project. Now, according to reports, it looks like all of this has definitely become official. Despite the initial setback, Yahoo has found some potential on the platform you decided to buy to implement your own news application. At the moment, the amount with which the agreement was signed for the last time has not yet been revealed april.

Exciting news comes to Artifact with Yahoo!

The platform is available on devices Android and Apple. The new application Yahoo News provides users with a personalized news feed. The latter, using artificial intelligence, shows the articles based on the interests shown by the readers.

It is currently only available for united states. Here users will have the opportunity to create a custom feed by accessing the “Editors“. At this point, you will need to select “Publications“and then”Subjects/categories“. This way, the app will display the call Top Stories and also summaries of the most relevant news today.

And that’s not all. theartificial intelligence on the platform Yahoo offers the ability to manage the highlights of displayed texts. The latter are displayed at the top of the articles themselves. Finally, the system will give users the ability to change the titles which turn out to be”clicknight” and also block keywords and share some parts of the articles.

The introduction of the new function could lead to aaimportant development for the Yahoo News app. Only time will confirm whether expectations were actually met and whether the company’s investment led to the desired results.

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