Women are significantly more skeptical about AI than men

Forsa Survey on Artificial Intelligence

July 2, 2024, 11:30 AM |

Jörg Schröper

Men are generally less suspicious of the use of AI than women. This is proven by a current Forsa study commissioned by data and AI expert SAS, which examined the attitudes of German consumers towards AI-based recommendations and decisions.

The differences in gender assessment are most apparent when it comes to medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations, with 39 percent of men feeling comfortable with this, but only 25 percent of women feeling comfortable.

When an AI participates in decisions on state aid benefits, only 20 percent of women have no major reservations. For men, this is 27 percent. However, the sexes largely agree on personnel selection. In this area, only nine percent feel comfortable with AI-based decisions.

When it comes to regulating the use of AI, women and men are also roughly equal in their eyes. Around six in ten respondents see legislation and authorities at European or national level, as well as solution providers, as responsible. In contrast, only 41 percent of women and 42 percent of men take responsibility for AI users.

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