Will the iPod Nano be reborn as an AirPods case?

We have been discussing this for a long time. iPod Nano Returns As a low-cost, tiny device designed for listening to music. However, Apple may have a more novel and fanciful idea than a mediocre revival of recent gadgets. In fact, the Californian brand has applied to the US Patent Office for a patent for a device that seems to be now Deprecated media player And a case for modern AirPods earphones. Feasibility studies appear to be continuing.

To sum it up in one sentence, the idea is iPod Nano is reborn as an AirPods caseThe first clue to the project was found in one of the numerous patents Apple filed with the US authorities (USPTO – U.S. Patent and Trademark Office). This Document from September 2022very generally titled “Device, method, and graphical user interface for interacting with an earphone case,” and also accompanied by the following image, which leaves no doubt as to its intent. This is really about bringing the basics and some style Latest iPod Nano Models in the case of AirPodsSo not only does this keep the earphones safe and charged, but It will also provide display, control and additional functionsAccording to reports 9 to 5apple He will put his hand back Expand and deepen patents.

The patent was published on Uspto

The small display mounted on the front of the AirPods case looks a lot like the sixth-generation iPod Nano. The case can then display the song’s title, album and cover, personal playlists, and commands to move through tracks. Integrate Siri for voice commands and interactionswhich will open the door to widgets and various utilities, and will also support audiobooks. This will therefore make the headphones more independent from the iPhone.The patent doesn’t prove the product will ever be made, but it’s certainly a welcome innovation for those who still miss the little iPod.

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