Will Tesla succeed in selling its Cybertruck to French motorists?

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If Elon Musk was the attraction of the big Paris gathering dedicated to technology again this year, Vivatech, the capricious head of the American car company Tesla, also impressed the visitors with his Cybertruck, exhibited for the first time in France. Does this mean that this XXL electric pick-up will soon be launched in France?

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– Tesla’s Cybertruck goes on sale in the United States from late 2023.

Love it or hate it, Cybertruck, this futuristic pickup truck from American car manufacturer Tesla, makes people talk about him. Especially when you can see it in real life. As part of his European tour called Cyber ​​​​​​​​Odyssey, he is currently offering his first walk in France, on the occasion of the Vivatech technology fair, opened at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris from May 22 to 25. At the moment, only the press, sector experts and investors could approach it, but the show offers a day for the general public this Saturday. Like a rock star Cybertruck then he will tour France until the end of June. So you can go meet him in Mulhouse on 30 and 31 May, in Saint-Priest on 2 and 3 June, in Monaco on 5 and 6 June or in Bordeaux from 10 to 12 June.

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Can you buy and drive a Tesla Cybertruck in France?

Find out what exactly? At close to three tonnes, 5.69m long, 1.79m high and 2.40m wide, the 100% electric Cybertruck is a behemoth on wheels, equipped with apparently unbreakable windows and an armored steel body. stainless steel able to withstand 9 and 45 mm bullets, as well as hunting rifles. Without the Tesla logo, the Cybertruck remains a very specific model in the 3, X, S and Y lineup we already know.

Although on sale in the United States from late 2023, priced at $79,990 (around €73,000) and pending the launch of a 2-wheel drive version in 2025 for $57,000 USD, the Cybertruck is currently not authorized to drive on European roads. Many professionals in the automotive sector even believe that its approval is unlikely on the old continent due to its peculiar dimensions, unusual weight or even safety problems for pedestrians or cyclists in the event of an impact, for example. Others raise a technical issue, namely the question of integrating or not integrating this collection into the driver’s license of a heavy goods vehicle.

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So why this French tour if Cybertruck won’t be released in France anytime soon? Requested by user CapitalTesla declined to comment on the matter. In any case, the automaker’s priority is the timely delivery of the Cybertruck to its American customers.

No Tesla logo appears on the Cybertruck’s body or deck. Justine Peru

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