When is Apple Intelligence coming and when can you use it on iPhone?

During World Conference of Developers (WWDC) 2024, which was held in the last few days, Apple released numerous announcements to show users what new features will see the light of day in the coming months. In addition to new prodigious operating system iOS 18, iPhone owners will be able to access many other improvements. Among these are Apple Intelligencea personal intelligence system that implements generative models on the company’s smartphones, iPads and Macs.

They will be able to take advantage of all compatible devices a useful and practical artificial intelligence, which aims to simplify and streamline all the activities that are carried out on a day-to-day basis and beyond. The level of privacy and security protection has also been improved.

Apple Intelligence will bring many features, but When will users be able to experience them? Let’s find out.

All Apple Intelligence features

Apple Intelligence will produce Compatible iPhones (iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, in addition to the new iPhones that will be released in the fall) many novelties, among which the tools for writing and content creation. You can, for example, change the tone of voice of a text, perfect a letter or correct the grammar.

Users will be able to better manage your inboxnotifications, get email summaries, record, transcribe and summarize audio content or a call, create animations or illustrations for use in chats, generate custom emojis or stickers, have more control over your photos removing unwanted objects or working on backgrounds, creating movies and more.

Siri improved with Apple Intelligenceto provide a more integrated and advanced experience, and ChatGPT is integrated into Apple platforms. User privacy protection reaches high levels never before experienced.

When will you be able to use Apple Intelligence on iPhones?

The implementation of Apple Intelligence one will follow on brand devices different programming compared to the other big news announcediOS 18, which will be released this fall.

Bloomberg, an authoritative news platform, published some rumors about the Cupertino giant’s plans regarding the launch of Apple Intelligence. There will be no set schedule, as the intention is continue step by step.

The reason is soon explained. This way you will have access to a number of advantages, such as better management of resourcesa good training of models in all languages, a correct construction of the cloud infrastructure and reducing the possibility of breakdowns.

Initially, the new features will only be for English and US audiences and you may be required to register a waiting list. It may take the next year before you can receive and use the features.

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