What’s changing with the Netflix TV app

Netflix is ​​getting a makeover. contents Biggerreorganize information and promote curiosity related to reading, e.g. Movies or TV series that have been in the top 10 for eight consecutive weeks. June 6 Netflix First major update released Its TV app For more than a decade, we’ve tested new changes to help users choose what to watch faster. The agency reported Reutersclearly stating that the Los Gatos Giants’ goal is Increase the time viewers spend on the app Retain customers and attract new subscribers Go to the new floor with ads.

In research conducted in recent months, the streaming platform has determined how users perform the things they do. Pat Fleming He defines “Eye Gymnastics”, View Home screen up and down Before they find the title they are interested in. Especially since users’ eyes often move aimlessly between sections, this situation forces management to make every effort to “Simpler, more intuitive, easier to navigate”.

Almost just part 270 million users Netflix users around the world will be able to use the new TV app format starting June 6. The company will send them Reviews of the experience Make any changes and at a later time, Provide news to all customersFor the Los Gatos giants, the latter’s intervention came at a “The best indicator of customer satisfaction”.

Among the various changes to the TV app, Netflix moved out of the top left corner and added a new tab It is called “My Netflix” and contains TV drama and movies Users have started watching or saved to watch later. The platform will continue to providePersonalized recommendations to each subscriber without making any changes to the algorithm it uses for proposals.

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