What to remember this week: a Quest 3 Lite in development, WeldVR the most expensive VR app and Demeo on Apple Vision Pro

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THAT Meta Quest 3 Lite, a VR headset that’s more affordable than the Quest 3

Rumor has it that the Meta Quest 3 Lite, a more affordable device than the Quest 3, is in development at Meta. Leaks reportedly revealed some of its technical specifications, including chipset usage Qualcomm Snapdragon Quest 2. While details on the brand name and release date are not yet known, these specs suggest that the Quest 3 Lite would offer comparable performance to the Quest 3 while being more affordable.

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WeldVR, the most expensive welding training app in the Quest store »

WeldVR is the most expensive app in Meta’s VR app store, selling for $1,000. It is a welding training app that covers various techniques and provides progress tracking as well as personalized advice. The Cythero company developed this application, which includes authentic welding sounds, realistic weld puddle simulations and allows users to practice without the risk of injury or damage. A complete package including the headset and additional accessories is also available for $6,000, aimed at professional users. WeldVR dethroned Fetal Heart VR, another learning app, as the most expensive app on the platform and is compatible with the various Quest headset models.

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Demeo, the immersive tabletop RPG game, is comingApple VisionPro

Demeo, the virtual reality and mixed reality tabletop RPG simulation game developed by Resolution Games, is coming to Apple Vision Pro, available for $40 in the visionOS App Store. This game offers an immersive experience with intuitive interaction with objects and the ability to play cooperatively with other players, whether in fully immersive mode or in windowed mode, so you can keep an eye on the outside world, and this with gamepad support for a personal experience. In addition, the game is available on multiple platforms, with the option of cross-play, which guarantees epic adventures with your friends, regardless of their device.

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