Washing machines have a function that many do not know about: it is used to remove stubborn stains

Many people have used a washing machine before.  (Image source: Adobe StockA_Bruno)

Many people have used a washing machine before. (Image source: Adobe Stock/A_Bruno)

A good old washing machine may not have the glamor of an RTX 5090 or the prestige of a €1000 smartphone, but it is undoubtedly a masterpiece of technology.

And it’s our job to show you how to get the most out of your technology. That’s why we have a washing machine tip for you today.

What we noticed on delivery: Almost every model has an extra compartment – which few in our team know about and hardly anyone actively uses.

This is probably mainly because our usage habits have changed. While in the past clothes were worn for days, if not weeks without being washed, nowadays they often end up in the dirty laundry after only one or two uses.

Because clothes naturally get dirty after long periods of use, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had to soak and pre-wash their clothes by hand before they ended up in the washing machine.

Many modern models have a feature that mimics this. And many of us don’t even know about it. Or we’ve heard of it before but don’t know what it’s good for. We are talking about the so-called pre-wash.

This is hidden behind the mysterious third compartment of many washing machines, which often has a Roman compartment I or Arabic 1 has been marked.

What is a prewash?

During the pre-wash or pre-wash program, the clothes get wetto remove stubborn stains. The drum rotates very slowly and uses special detergents.

The water temperature is usually 30 degrees and the washing process usually takes about 20-30 minutes. Parsley).

Once this is done, the water is pumped out and the main wash cycle begins.

Important: Pre-washing cannot replace main washing. And particularly delicate clothes should not be treated with it at all, but should traditionally be soaked and pre-washed by hand.

The pre-wash program is usually recommended only in individual cases, when the clothes are very dirty. For example, if it has stubborn tomato or coffee stains.

What about electricity and water consumption?

The pre-wash program requires approximately 0.3 kilowatt hours of electricity and ten liters of water per wash cycle. Energy Consumers’ Association). With three refills a week, including detergent, it comes to around 25 euros per year – depending on the current electricity and water tariff.

Since often only a few items of clothing are so dirty that they require pre-washing, it is recommended to wash the laundry by hand to save resources.

Pour water into a small bathtub, sink or suitable bowl, add clothes and detergent, rub gently and let stand for a while, then put in the washing machine – that’s it.

If you are unable to remove a stain from a beloved piece of clothing, you can seek help from a laundry or professional cleaning company.

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