Vivatech 2024: is crypto on the way this year?

For tech enthusiasts and the curious headed to Vivatech 2024 this Saturday, at the Versailles Exhibition Center, here’s an overview of the crypto ecosystem’s place in this 8th edition.

A discreet presence

Apart from the Tezos and Arianee booth, no large-scale stands from the crypto sector this year. A notable observation is that many projects have chosen to remove mentions of NFT and crypto of their descriptions in favor of expressions such as “digital collectible“or”digitally active“. Often by integrating a touch of AI.

Here is a selection of crypto startups that you can discover at Vivatech:


A French startup offering solutions to generate returns through decentralized finance.


A French project based on blockchain that promotes direct trade and reduces intermediaries.


A Swiss startup developing a wallet without having to maintain its recovery phrase (“seeding”).


Another French initiative revolutionizing savings by merging traditional finance and blockchain.


Scalable blockchain that provides decentralized infrastructure for applications.


German company specializing in crypto payment solutions.

Dress X

An American startup specializing in digital fashion and virtual clothing.


A French startup offering immersive solutions to manage and monetize digital assets in an interactive virtual environment.

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AI is still at the center of attention

Like last year, artificial intelligence is the undisputed star of the event, with an entire dedicated corridor and a host of innovative projects presented. Virtual reality, especially with Apple Vision, is also very present.

Dedicated time AI vivatech 2024

According to Vivatech’s classification, just under 100 companies are linked to blockchain, Web3 and NFTs, but they are often less prominent compared to the 300 projects linked to artificial intelligence. Here is a link to explore the current crypto startups.

Regarding conferences, only four lectures are dedicated to crypto compared to 43 for AI.

Among them, don’t miss the intervention of Haseur, aka Owen Simonin, on Saturday. He is the most followed content creator in the crypto space and serial entrepreneur.

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