Vision Pro with Gen AI coming soon? This is what Apple is planning

With the planned integration of Apple Intelligence into the mixed reality headset Vision Pro, Apple is counting on extensive support for users in everyday tasks. Meta, meanwhile, focuses on combining generative AI with VR in a gaming context.

“Personal, powerful and private” is how CEO Tim Cook describes Apple Intelligence, the comprehensive Gen-AI solution that will be available across Apple systems later this year Apps should be integrated. The AI ​​can not only write emails on its own, but also create images and answer questions. All of this should work thanks to OpenAI’s integrated services.

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It has now been announced that the company not only wants to bring Apple Intelligence to the Mac, iPhone and iPad, but also plans to integrate AI into the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. This is reported by Mark Gurman for Bloomberg. Apple is reportedly currently working on delivering the new AI features to the headset. However, it may take some time before the features reach headset users – next year at the earliest.

The Vision Pro, which has been on the market since February 2024is not only intended as an entertainment gadget, but is also intended to support users in their daily work. In this context, Apple Intelligence features such as writing tools and Chatbots form an interesting support. The device is available from July 12 Also in Germany.

Meta Brings Gen AI to the Metaverse

Unlike Apple’s Vision Pro, which starts at a hefty $3,499, those interested in AR can buy Meta’s Quest headsets for considerably less than 1,000 euros. Like Apple, Meta also aims to combine generative AI with VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality) – especially in the context of gaming. That comes from one Job vacancy in the field of emerging technology (GenAI) that the company recently shared on LinkedIn. Write there Meta:

You will join the Meta Metaverse Content leadership team as a leader to help shape a GenAI strategy for games. (…) The focus will be on Horizon, supporting VR, MR, and AR, but may also include non-meta platforms such as mobile and PC.

Not only the VR network Horizon Worlds, which is now also available in Germanyshould get new Gen AI features, but possibly also mobile and PC games. The integration of AI in Meta’s gaming projects is not limited to that Virtual reality.

While Apple and Meta are working on their respective MR plans, it was recently announced that the tech giants may soon collaborate in the AI ​​context – you can read more about the potential collaboration in the article below on

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