Up to 905 HP: This Is How Lotus Positions Emeya Against Taycan & Co

Lotus was at the forefront with the electric SUV Eletre. Emeya, on the other hand, has to compete against competitors from Porsche or Lucid. But the Brits score points on price – and charging station.

Munich (dpa/tmn) – Lotus is positioned more broadly in the electric luxury segment. After the large Eletre off-road vehicle they take out China is funded British now Emeya in position.

As a self-proclaimed Hyper-GT, the stylish four-door model, according to the manufacturer, will compete this summer with models such as the Lucid Air and especially the Porsche Taycan competes. Lotus relies on a remarkable price advantage. Because it starts at €106,400 – significantly less than comparable competitors.

There is a 5.14 meter long limousine coupe and, with a wheelbase of over three metres, it also offers room for up to three adults in the back seat. The battery has a capacity of 102 kWh, which, according to Lotus, is enough for 485 to 610 kilometers, depending on the configuration. They also want to outdo the competition at the outlet: While the Taycan, for example, can charge with a maximum power of 320 kW, the Lotus’s charging capacity is 400 kW.

Top model in less than three seconds to 100 km/h

Emeya is also fast while driving. Even the basic version has two engines with 450 kW/603 hp. In the top model, power rises to 675 kW/905 hp. According to Lotus, with a total of nearly 1000 Nm, the electric motors accelerate the Emeya from a standstill to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and allow up to 252 km/h.

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