Try the smart sunglasses Ray-Ban Meta

Now I walk around and chat to myself all the time. Actually, I chat with my parents Smart sunglasses: “Hey Meta, look. What tree is that?“; or, “Hey Meta, look at this. Does the concrete need to be replaced here?“When I run, I listen Podcast over the speakers. I use the camera built into the frame to photograph my parents’ garden and send critical messages to the gardener. I use the on-board microphone to search the Internet and see if my favorite food kiosk is open.

In short, me and mine Meta Ray Ban walker we became inseparable. Recently I told my husband that I wanted to buy a second pair of prescription glasses so that I wouldn’t walk around the house at night wearing sunglasses. “Do you really want to do it?” he asked me a little nervously. Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do.

In contrast to the bulky spectators on the market or newer developments of hardware with artificial intelligence, such as Humane AI Pin or the Rabbit R1A complement are the data glasses from Meta elegant and useful to my technological quiver that integrates seamlessly into my real life. The Future of Wearable Computing has arrived and it looks exactly like the one Tom Cruise lived in A risky venture.

Freedom in motion

Let’s start with the first and most obvious justification for Meta’s approach: Sunglasses have a function in real life. They protect my eyes and prevent me from constantly squinting when I’m outdoors. Plus, they make me look tough. I’ve been wearing classic black Wayfarers for decades (I also have them with white frames when I’m feeling particularly cheeky) and the fact that I like their fit is already a good reason to wear them. Collaboration with Ray-Ban, Meta exploited a fashion icon and took a shortcut to make his glasses look familiar. The appearance is almost identical to that of the normal version and the The weight increases by only a few grams.

The intelligent functions are not immediately apparentso that I can wear them and pick up my children from school by bike without looking like a Glass hole. The only time anyone ever looked at me the wrong way was when a friend greeted me as he passed by my house and I stood frozen because I was listening to the latest episode of a podcast while watering the garden.

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