TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro, is it the smartwatch to have on your wrist when things get tough? – Italian Startup

A year after the launch of its latest model, Mobvoi is back with a variant designed for extreme athletes who want to wear an indestructible device. Our hands-on test

With summer just around the corner, even the laziest of us are finally ready to get out of the house, the couch and Netflix.here In any case, wait for the irreducible and irreversible series in June) and do some healthy physical activity. The luckiest ones will already dive into the sea, all the others will run in the city or maybe in the woods. The TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro is perhaps the most suitable device to accompany us on these adrenaline-filled summer adventures? Let’s find out.

TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro, the tank of smartwatches

Perhaps, with its 7000 series aluminum and nylon construction and fiberglass case, it’s not the ideal smartwatch for an early summer work party or a formal dinner. It’s like wearing sneakers to a star-studded restaurant.

But if you want to climb mountains, skydive or surf, the TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro is the watch you want to wear on your wrist: a lot of technology is well preserved in a case with an indestructible exterior and proven ruggedness (5ATM, MIL-STD-810H). Mobvoihere is a deliberate over-the-top take on a wearable that will be a source of pride for all athletes. Realistic, even a little crazy. Suffice it to say, the very large 1.43-inch display is protected by sapphire glass.

We mentioned the dial. Under the sapphire glass, an OLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels lights up (very beautiful at night, we add), among which we find the already appreciated Always-On Display (AOD) function to reduce energy consumption and thus extend the life of the battery (don’t worry, we’ll talk about it later).

Who has tried the previous model (this is our Review The TicWatch Pro 5 will immediately feel at home. Or rather: you will immediately feel at home with it on your wrist. The exploration of the menus and the thousands of functions is once again entrusted to the crown that adorns the case, giving it a rather classic look.

ticwatch pro 5 endurance 3

Talking about features, there are some new workouts, including cross-country skiing, stair stepping, and sit-ups. The device allows you to monitor countless parameters, including 24/7 heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), stress levels, and sleep quality, especially snoring detection.

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During our tests, we were once again able to establish that the integrated GPS is able to quickly track physical activity in constant dialogue with the smartphone through the Mobvoi Health application.

Under the hard shell of Mobvoi’s latest smartwatch, the TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro, is the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 platform and version 3.5 of the Wear OS operating system (yes, it doesn’t integrate version 4 by default). With 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, the device never showed any hesitation, even when maintaining multiple functions in the background.

ticwatch pro 5 endurance 1

The battery life of the 628 mAh is excellent: on days when we constantly fiddled with it, adjusted settings, tracked routes and answered calls with it, it lasted about 72 hours. However, in those in which we activated the low consumption mode, we almost forgot that we had the task of charging. Here we see work done to satisfy athletes who will be away from home for several consecutive days. Or even just for those who plan to camp in nature.

Is everything perfect? ​​Depends. You must like very large and sturdy watches. Even if these are subjective parameters, objectively speaking, the TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro is not very comfortable to wear for people with a slimmer figure due to its size. The investment required to bring it home – 359.99 euros – is certainly significant, especially considering that in recent years many big brands have brought sports watches to the market at lower prices.

But to understand the difference between this high-end smartwatch and its competitors, just hold it in your hands and assess the quality of the materials. Just as those who want to go on a healthy off-road trip must rely on a 4×4 to avoid the risk of destroying the SUV they use every day in the city, similarly, those who are about to embark on a real sports adventure should evaluate the purchase of the TicWatch Pro 5 despite its much higher price than other fitness-related competitors. Others can accompany you to the gym, with this one you can explore the Amazon rainforest.

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