This connected watch is your best coach to get back in shape

The new Huawei Watch Fit 3 is much more than a simple accessory and represents a true trainer for well-being and fitness. As complete and elegant as this connected watch is, it’s available for just €159.99 and benefits from a great launch offer until July 7th.

The usefulness of connected watches in terms of watching sports no longer needs to be demonstrated. And when it comes to health, some models offer much more than heart rate monitoring.

Still displayed for a minimum price of 159.99 euros, the new Huawei Watch Fit 3 are a real ally for daily care of your body and your health. Heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygenation), sleep, diet, physical activity: this watch shows it all. And if you order it before July 7, 2024, Huawei also offers you with its new smartwatch:

  • a pair of FreeBuds SE 2 wireless headphones worth 49.99 euros;
  • Instant discount of 20 euros on it the new FreeClip open headphoneswhose price will then drop from 199.99 to 179.99 euros.

Refined design and unrelenting comfort

Connected watches sometimes suffer from their overly sporty design, but not the new one Huawei Watch Fit 3. Featuring a pastel or black fluoroelastomer strap for discretion, braided nylon or white leather for elegance, it can be worn for any occasion.

Being thin and light with a 9.9mm thick aluminum case and a light weight of 26 grams, this connected watch is unlikely to hinder your activities.

Different bracelet according to the occasion // Source: Huawei

However, there can be no question of compromises in the comfort of use. Huawei has actually equipped it with a bright 1.82-inch rectangular AMOLED screen that is perfectly visible in direct sunlight. On the side, the brand has also provided a customizable button providing quick access to the app of your choice as well as a rotating crown for easy menu navigation.

Another practical advantage: Huawei Watch Fit 3 are multitasking. You can then take a call while checking your heart rate, weather forecast or writing a text message.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about recharging it at the end of each day, as this model benefits from a long battery life of 10 days. Autonomy confirmed during Frandroid test : even with intensive use, this connected watch can last up to 5 days, knowing that one hour is enough to fully charge it.

Sport and health: two inseparable things that must be observed daily

“Eat move”: this slogan is anchored in everyone’s head, but we still need to be able to put it into practice. Huawei Watch Fit 3 can help you with this. How ? Through a variety of tools that are both practical and fun.

This connected watch benefits from a new activity ring, which is perfect for a first look if you’ve been active enough during the day.

A connected watch to monitor your sports activities, but also your diet and health // Source: Huawei

But good health is not limited to kilometers traveled and calories burned, Huawei offers you the possibility to monitor your diet and enter all meals with a few clicks. From the accompanying app available for Android and iOS, you can estimate the amount of calories you have taken, as well as the main intake of minerals and nutrients. The brand has planned everything so that health comes first.

Based on your energy intake and expenditure, your sports preferences, your goals and also the weather of the day, Huawei Watch Fit 3 will suggest a daily series of exercises. In total, the watch supports more than 100 sports modes, including today’s hottest activities such as padel, track running, swimming and even e-sports. And for novice athletes, Huawei has provided animated exercises dedicated to the warm-up and recovery phase.

Exercises for a good warm-up before every training session // Source: Huawei

And although the brand focused primarily on sports and well-being, it didn’t forget the essentials, namely the monitoring of heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygenation rate) and sleep. On this last point, the watch will give you some tips on how to move towards restful sleep and will provide you with relaxing music as well as white noise to help you fall asleep.

Packed with practical features, the Huawei Watch Fit 3 gives you all the keys to take care of yourself every day. Plus, these new connected watches are among the most affordable on the market because they’re affordable for only 159.99 euros.

Headphones for that?

The Huawei Watch Fit 3, which has just been officially launched, is currently benefiting from a great offer. For all order placed by July 7ththe brand offers you a pair of FreeBuds SE 2 wireless headphones worth 49.99 euros.

New Huawei FreeClip open headphones // Source: Huawei

Rather tempted by the new ones FreeClip from Huawei? Praised for their comfort, noise reduction technology and long battery life of 36 hours, these open-back headphones are exceptionally displayed up to 7. to 179.99 euros instead of 199.99 euros.

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