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(AFP) – The administration will expand its use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming months to respond to user requests, but currently has no plans to “obtrude » its use to all its agents, Minister Stanislas Guerini indicated on Thursday.

A little more than six months after launching an experiment designed to use generative artificial intelligence to respond more quickly to users who contact the administration through a public services website, ” we are not mature enough yet » impose it on all public sector officials, estimated the minister for transformation and function
public during an exchange of views with journalists at the VivaTech exhibition in Paris.

However, Stanislas Guerini highlighted the user response time reduced from 13 to 3 days for the approximately 2,000 agents who volunteered for the experiment. According to the minister, “ three quarters » of these volunteer agents would now use the suggested user response offered to them by generative AI without modifying it.

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Albert soon integrated into Tchap

While the generative AI tool developed by the state, Albert, is also being tested by several dozen advisors in Maisons France Services (auxiliary spaces for carrying out certain administrative procedures), will soon be integrated into the internal messaging of state agents, ch. ” We are about to multiply the use cases of Albert in an experimental format » rather than under duress, Mr Guerini explained on Thursday. »The reality is that we are already using AI in public services”noted the minister, saying that he considers the debate about the appropriateness of using this technology in the administration to be outdated.
When it comes to recruiting digital professionals, “ we have given ourselves the budget capacity to re-internalize (recruitment, editor’s note) 500 positions starting this year”, he assured. The report, published in June 2023 alongside a previous edition of VivaTech, estimated that the state “ need to create 3,500 additional positions over the next five years » in the digital sector, « which will lead to a total of 2,500 recruitments per year“. In addition to the 500 external recruitments planned for 2024, several dozen retraining of public servants in digital professions are underway to help achieve this annual recruitment target, Stéphanie Schaer, who heads Dinum (interministerial digital directorate).

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