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(AFP) – The artificial intelligence research center supported by Lorraine University has received 30 million euros in funding as part of the France 2030 investment plan dedicated to innovation, the institution announced in a press release on Wednesday.

The European Center for Artificial Intelligence through Innovation (Enact) wants almost 67 million euros in the next five years with a total projected funding,” attract the best talent in artificial intelligence and (promote) this technology in France” explains the university. The aim is also to create ” Grand Est is the European leader in artificial intelligence“. They mainly focus on three axes, including research around treatment” automatic languages ” and ” large multimodal artificial intelligence models » which allows us to aggregate “all available data and knowledge » in a given industry or company.
Enact is also working on the interest of AI in certain areas such as engineering and scientific discoveries » for ” accelerate the discovery of new materials and drugs” but also for digital health for ” assist patients, doctors and medical staff throughout the care“.

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Enact will fund 18 research and innovation chairs

The consortium brings together research, training and innovation players in the Grand Est, including the University of Strasbourg, CNRS, Inserm and university hospitals. The Grand Est region is also a partner, as ” around fifty companies“. In total, Enact will fund 18 research and innovation chairs and aims to “ double » number of theses to be achieved a good hundred a year, then 150 by 2030”, with the internationalization of the recruitment of PhD students in the field of AI. ” The goal is to bring significant advances in AI at the methodological and technological level that will form the basis of tomorrow’s innovations.“, the university continues. In addition, the geographical location near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany will enable it to ” to play a leading role at the Franco-German and European level“.
Enact is one of the nine winners of the call for expressions of interest “IA-clusters; “centres of excellence in artificial intelligence research and training” backed by 360 million euros, the government said in a press package on Wednesday. The “battle” for artificial intelligence must be fought in “five main areas: talent, infrastructure, exploitation, investment and management”, Emmanuel Macron declared on Tuesday during a meeting of the main players in the sector on the eve of the opening of the VivaTech show in Paris.

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