The next iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch will also be “the thinnest ever”

Thelatest ultra-thin iPad Pro It was the first step on a path that would lead Apple to present a New generation of devices characterized by thicknesses reduced to a minimumAccording to Mark Gurman of BloombergIn the near future we should expect us new models also thin iPhone, MacBook and even Apple WatchThe analyst, always reliable in his rumors, assumes that a generation of devices will come onto the market that will be the thinnest and lightest in their respective categories.

The indiscretion reported by Gurman fits very well with the persistent rumors about the presentation of such a Special version of the iPhone 17 Nicknamed “Slim” because of its ultra-thin structure and with new design solutions, starting with a central arrangement of the rear camera sensors. The expected release is 2025which coincides with recent rumors that the construction technique of the latest 5.1 mm iPad Pro M4 will serve as a basis to create much thinner specimens than other flagship products in Apple’s catalog. The latest version of the tablet focuses on a new internal layout that takes advantage of a new metal roof The so-called “hood” is located above the motherboard and runs like a rib along the central part of the device. It offers greater resistance to everyday stresses, avoids bends or breakages and also improves the dissipation of the heat generated.

The same concept should be found in the construction of an ultra-thin MacBook, which would have enough space to distribute all components under the case and it would bring the Air concept back into fashionin combination with the new generations the proprietary silicon platform. As for the Apple Watch, you could get a watch that stays much closer to the wrist without taking up too much space, all to the benefit of better wearability and comfort for those who wear it constantly from work to workout.

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