The new Bentley Continental GT: plug-in hybrid and more powerful than ever!

The fourth-generation Bentley Continental GT will be revealed next June and will be the first to use the brand’s new plug-in hybrid engine.

Who says Bentley Continental GT clearly says W12. Well, “necessarily”, not really, because for two generations now the big British GT has also been available in V8. But it was the smoothness of the six-liter W12 that made the reputation of the one that very clearly relaunched the British brand under the Volkswagen umbrella in 2003. But today, oversized displacements are no longer on the rise. And electric makes its way into the most prestigious models whenever possible.

This will be the case with the next and fourth generation of the Continental GT, which is already being announced through the first photos of the car, in which it is still fully camouflaged. However, the Crewe-based firm does provide us with some information on the engine that is set to power this large, almost 5-metre-long coupe.

A hybrid in the service of power

The second best-selling model behind the Bentayga, the Continental GT, will be introduced in this new and fourth generation from June 2024.© DR

Bentley is already leading us down the road to hybridization by explaining that this will be the first model to feature the brand’s new Ultra Performance Hybrid engine. Plug-in hybrid engine equipped with a new V8, which we know will offer 782 horsepower and a truck-like torque of 1000 Nm The electric battery will allow you to travel up to 80 km in full electric mode.

Not satisfied with exceeding the performance of W12 very exclusive Batur, therefore, the new Continental GT will be the most powerful production Bentley ever producedE. Enough to make the most hostile people reconsider their judgment of electrification, right? In addition, the grand touring coupe will have all-wheel drive with torque vectoring. And that’s not all, because it will also have four-wheel steering, 48 V electric active anti-roll control and new two-valve shock absorbers. That’s all we know.

See you in June

Now we just have to wait, look at the two photos of the camouflaged car and try to read the films covering it. It will no doubt look like a Continental GT, but at the front the round lights flare slightly to the sides, just like the Bentley Batur. We also notice the rear fenders that give the model all the musculature that seems to be accentuated by edges that add even more character.

The second best selling model after Bentaygathe Continental GT will be introduced in this new and fourth generation from June 2024.

Mael Pilven

Posted on 05/22/2024 at 3:00 p.m

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