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June 17, 2024, 10:26 am |

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Notebooks, monitors, printers, webcams – the modern workplace requires a variety of IT devices. Click numbers on ITscope’s B2B procurement platform show how demand is currently developing for individual product groups.

The technical requirements for modern workplaces are evolving rapidly, and companies must adapt their IT equipment accordingly. Current click numbers on the IT procurement platform ITscope show how this is impacting demand.

TFT click number in ITscope
Monitors are more in demand from companies again

The demand for monitors in the corporate sector has increased slightly again recently. This appears from an analysis of the 100 most clicked TFT screens. ITscope registered an increase from 67,296 clicks in the fourth quarter of 2023 to 74,851 clicks in the first quarter of 2024. The development shows that high-quality displays are still in demand at a still quite a sluggish market. However, companies rely on proven models, such as the “Dell P2422H” 24-inch model or the 27-inch counterpart “P2722H”.

Continued high demand for notebooks

Click the numbers for notebooks in ITscope
When it comes to notebooks, the ITscope platform shows a clear upward trend

When it comes to notebooks, ITscope shows a clear upward trend. The number of clicks has increased significantly compared to last year. Models like “HP ProBook 450 G10,” which received over 7,911 clicks in just the first few months of the year.

The demand for mobile devices that allow efficient work from different locations remains strong, emphasizes Oliver Gorges, Director Sales & Marketing at ITscope: “The growing interest in notebooks proves with the undiminished relevance of mobile work devices. Companies are looking for flexible and efficient solutions that meet the needs of the modern workplace.”

Click the numbers printer in ITscope
However, demand for printers continues to decline

On the other hand, the demand for printers is decreasing. The number of clicks on this product category on ITscope continues to decrease. Printers and multifunctional devices are becoming more interesting for ITscope users. This reflects an industry-wide shift towards digital processes and paperless offices, concludes the platform operator.

Audio equipment and requirements

Teleconferences and virtual meetings are driving increased interest in high-quality audio technology on the platform. Network cameras, on the other hand, are experiencing a decline – clicks on the top 100 products dropped from 49,035 in the third quarter of 2023 to just 16,750 in the fourth quarter. Gorges attributes this to the fact that better cameras are already installed in notebooks. This reduces the need for external webcams. “This is an indicator of how technological advances in different segments can influence each other – especially since the demand for notebooks has generally increased,” said Gorges.

fashion to the WiFi 7 standard

The introduction of WiFi 7 marks a significant advance in wireless communications. It also appears on ITscope fashion towards devices that support this new standard. For example, the “Ubiquiti UniFi U7 Pro” quickly established itself as a popular access point. This indicates companies’ willingness to invest in future-proof network technologies.

“The trends we see at ITscope are a reflection of the changing needs of the modern workplace,” emphasizes Gorges. “With advanced technologies like WiFi 7 and integrated infrastructure solutions, companies are preparing for an efficient and flexible future.”

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