“The maximum speed on the Paris circuit will be increased to 50 km/h from next autumn!”

Paris City Hall intends to raise the maximum speed of the Paris ring road to 50 km/h from next autumn, against the Council of Government.

The deputy mayor of Paris, David Belliard, repeated the desire of the municipality to reduce the speed on the Paris ring road to 50 km/h compared to the previous 70 km/h. The person in charge of mobility and transport at the Paris City Hall was invited to the France Bleu Paris airwaves this Tuesday and signed:The road circuit will be increased to 50 km/h next autumn after the Paris Olympics because it is a commitment we have made.”

Against the advice of the government

This wish of the Paris town hallreduce the speed on the device to 50 km/h however, it could be done against the government, including the current transport minister, Patrice Vergriete reminded in recent days that he is not in favor of it “as it stands”, also arguing that “this debate was very ill-founded and that we had to stop stigmatizing the French with all these measures that are piling up.” So is a move to the pincers of a city run by Anne Hidalgo possible? David Belliard supports this: “Of course we want to come to an agreement with the state and convince the Minister of Transport of the validity of this measure, the fact remains that legally the circuit is we therefore have the right to adjust the speed of a municipal road for which the mayor of Paris is responsible.”

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Posted on 22/05/2024 at 09:15

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