The law focused on Internet security was announced by Solutions-Numeriques

(AFP) – The Law Focused on Internet Security (SREN), which provides an anti-fraud filter and administrative blocking measures for pornographic sites, was announced in the Official Gazette on Wednesday.

On Friday, the Constitutional Council censured one of its most controversial measures, the creation of a crime of contempt on the Internet that could be punished by a fixed fine. The text, finally adopted by the Parliament on April 10, envisages the creation of a free anti-fraud filter that will send a warning message to anyone who is about to go to sites marked as malicious, which could lead to the blocking of the site’s administration.

Other measures: The Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcom) will have the power to order, without the assistance of a judge, telecommunications operators to block and dereference pornographic sites that do not prevent minors from accessing their content. This text gives Arcom responsibility for drafting a technical reference system to verify the age of Internet users visiting this site.

The law also gives powers to stop media banned in the European Union from being broadcast on the internet. It will also allow businesses to switch cloud providers more easily.

The text adopted by MPs established the creation of an online contempt offense to punish any content that “undermines the dignity of a person or presents an offensive, humiliating or humiliating nature to him” or “creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation against him” in the digital space. On Friday, the Constitutional Council considered that this crime represents “an attack on the exercise of freedom of speech and communication that is not necessary, appropriate and proportionate”, especially because the characterization of the crime would depend on “the assessment of subjective features”. concerning the perception of victimhood’.
The text also stipulated that the state would create a free “digital identity” by 2027, but that article was also censored on Friday as it was considered a “legislative rider”.

Note that Europe’s Digital Services Regulation (DSA) includes measures aimed at curbing cyber-harassment on major digital platforms by forcing them to remove accounts that have been reported to them.

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