The BYD Seagull will be offered in Europe next year

The European car market is preparing to welcome a new major competitor. With the imminent arrival of the BYD Seagull, sold for less than 20,000 euros, competition between manufacturers is intensifying.

Uprising electric cars has turned the automotive market into a real arena of fierce competition. Manufacturers are trying to offer more and more affordable models, and Chinese companies in particular pose an increasing threat to European and American manufacturers. For example, Stellantis joined forces with Leapmotor to introduce the Leapmotor T03 in Europe.
Another Chinese model, BYD’s Seagull, could soon follow, with a price announced below 20,000 euros.

BYD Racek: ticket set at less than 20,000 euros

Since the advent of electric cars, the automotive market has changed a real battlefield. Manufacturers are waging a merciless war and everyone is offering models whose prices are going down. Chinese companies in particular are causing fear in European and American companies, which are trying their best to counter this unprecedented offensive in the automotive industry. Groups like Stellantis have already given up, making Leapmotor a strategic ally to launch soon Jump engine T03 on the old continent.
Another model could soon hit European roads: the BYD Seagull. According to Bloomberg, BYD is ready to introduce this model in Europe. This announcement caused reactions, because Seagull is far from trivial. In China, the BYD Seagull is sold for less than 10,000 euros! In Europe, its price will probably be higher, but the Chinese manufacturer assures that it will not exceed 20,000 euros, which could seriously compete Renault 5 E-Tech whose prices have just been officially announced.

Not quite the same version

To cross European borders, the Seagull will have to be modified to meet current standards. Among the expected changes, this cheap model could gain a few centimeters while maintaining its compactness. In addition, it will probably receive additional safety equipment to pass all crash tests with flying colours. Rumor has it that the European Seagull will not be made in China, but in Hungary, in the new factory in Szeged. It may seem trivial, but if confirmed, this BYD will be able to claim an environmental bonus from the French government, which currently penalizes Chinese-made vehicles such as the famous Dacia Spring.
Gone are the days when Chinese cars were considered inferior. According to Caresoft Global, which carefully analyzed the model, the BYD Seagull is a quality vehicle. It remains to be seen when it will actually arrive in the European market and how it will fare against the entry-level models of legacy manufacturers, who must redouble their efforts to remain competitive against these newcomers offering affordable, quality vehicles. Competition is fierce and consumers could emerge as big winners with more diversified offerings and more attractive prices. The next decade will be decisive for the automotive industry with business strategies that redefine the rules of the game.

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