The billionaire canceled a trip to the Moon with SpaceX due to delays

It’s true when they say “the whole world is one country”: while you’re sure to experience delays on trains and planes, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has canceled his plan to fly around the Moon in the Starship by SpaceX. The announcement was made by launching the project.

Maezawa stated failure of constant delay, highlights the difficulties of planning his future due to uncertainty. Furthermore, he expressed his discomfort at making the crew, including the DJ, wait longer Steve Aoki, director Brendan Hall, musician Choi Seung Hyun and YouTuber Tim Dodd. The decision to cancel the trip follows the indefinite postponement of the flight, which was announced just days before the second flight test of the Starship, which ended in an explosion shortly after the launch.

The failure of the vehicle’s second test and plans for a fourth test, scheduled for June 5, underscore that Starship is still at the beginning of a complex technological journey. Sources like Ars Technica suggests that the cancellation of the project may also be influenced by SpaceX’s focus on government contracts, as well as the decrease in Maezawa’s net worth, which, although it has fallen in half since 2018, still stands at more than $ 1 billion .

This cancellation marks a significant setback not only for Maezawa, but also for SpaceX’s space program, highlighting the challenges and risks associated with commercial space travel. Maezawa, on the other hand, already has experience in space during a 12-day mission to the International Space Station in 2021, aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.

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