The best wireless keyboards for tablets

(Last updated: June 2024)

this Tablet keyboard They are essential gadgets for those who want to use their devices to their full potential. pilleven in writing activities, overcomes the limited options provided by the on-screen virtual keyboard. Whether you are taking simple notes or working on drafting a document containing thousands of characters, you can rely on Physical support It greatly facilitates all types of operations and allows you to achieve a level of comfort and flexibility that is difficult to achieve in any other way.

What to Look for in a Tablet Keyboard

The range of tablet keyboards is quite extensive, including models in different price ranges. Before making any type of choice, it is important to remember the main features to focus on:

  • aspect: In principle, a tablet keyboard is a gadget designed to be very portable. That said, the mode exists Ultralight Its weight is always below 200 grams, so it can be kept in a bag for hours without any hindrance. For those who want to reduce space to a minimum, the keyboard is interesting Foldingonce closed, it can also be easily inserted into the large pocket of the jacket.
  • Function: Tablet keyboards, like computer models, come in different configurations. Some have a greater number of function keys or integrated Touchpad It allows you to control the cursor without moving your hand on the screen.
  • compatibility: In addition to universal keyboards (which can be used comfortably on any device thanks to Bluetooth connectivity), there are also models designed for Specific models tablet. This is the case, to take the most notable example, with the Apple keyboard iPad. Therefore, before buying, it is recommended to check whether your device is “compatible” with the keyboard you are looking at.
  • additional: The list of options for tablet keyboards isn’t particularly long, but there are still some pretty interesting extra features to consider. Some models can pair with multiple devices at once via Bluetooth, switching from one to another with the press of a button. Others are equipped with Comprehensive base For positioning the tablet, the top model of the range has adjustable tilt and closure, turning it into a real protecting mask.

Our pick

When choosing the best keyboard for tablets, we decided to focus on versatility, trying to come up with a range of solutions that can provide optimal performance in any type of environment, while also being able to be used with other devices such as computers and tablets. smart phone.

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