The best travel irons that you can safely store in your suitcase

There are those who never iron a shirt their whole life, and those who can’t even stand a crumpled T-shirt sea. THE Travel iron They are an accessory clearly dedicated to this second category of people: compact and lightweight, into which they slip Suitcase without too much trouble and can be used anywhere where a flawless wardrobe without wrinkles and folds is needed. Even just to freshen up a dress that has already been worn but is still clean. Whether for an evening by the pool, for an event under the stars or just for a business trip in general, we have selected in the gallery below the best models of the moment.

How to choose your travel iron

Contrary to what you might think and despite their ease of use, there are different models of portable irons on the market, each with very specific technical characteristics. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Design: In addition to devices that are visually very similar to standard steam irons, but in mini format, there are also gadgets vertical which must be used without a support base. Since no direct contact with the fabric is necessary, they are a little less precise when ironing, but are much more handy and comfortable to use.
  • Dimensions and weight: Since portability is the key feature, it is important to choose a device with a small footprint Light in weight. From this point of view, a good travel iron should not weigh more than 1 kg and, depending on the model, foldable handle It can be a useful extra to keep the dimensions small.
  • Perfomance: The more powerful an iron is (indicated by the wattage), the faster it is ready for use and – most importantly – the jet it emits stronger steam and effective.
  • Features: If you are not satisfied with a basic model and need specific functions, you can look for something a little more advanced. For example, some portable irons allow you to control the temperature and intensity of the steam, offer the option of dry ironing or even they switch off automatically to ensure greater security.

In our opinion the best

Our selection of the best travel irons includes a bit of everything: from vertical irons to the more traditional horizontal ones, from the simplest devices for a quick refresh to the most advanced for impeccable ironing, from exceptionally small models to slightly more comfortable models. They all have one thing in common Steam operation (thanks to the internal water tank) and can be easily put into one or more suitcases Backpack.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic and are also looking for semi-professional solutions for ironing everything and everyone at home, you will find many interesting ideas in our galleries on the topic vertical needles And with boilerHowever, those who manage to do without these small devices can find valuable help in the help dryer (Also slim) equipped with ad hoc programs for removing wrinkles and freshening clothes.

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