The best electric juicers for recharging your energy

The juices of Fruit Everyone loves them, but preparing them by hand can be quite laborious. For those who have no time to lose, the dear old electric citrus press remain an ever-fashionable solution: whether you start the day with it invigorating breakfast or to recharge yourself with a vitamin concentrate, these small devices are useful for preparing healthy and nutritious drinks OrangesLemons, grapefruits and tangerines – all a extremely low costs. Far from the prices (and versatility) of extractors and CentrifugesSome high-end models also feature a premium design and transform into Furnishing which have nothing to do with the extremely unsightly aesthetics (and also the inconvenience) of manual citrus presses.

How an electric citrus press works

Nothing more basic. In addition to the shape, which can be horizontal or vertical, with or without pressure lever, there is an element common to all models: a knurled cone on which the fruit to be squeezed is placed and which, as soon as it is put into action, engine below, extracts the coveted juice through a rotational movement – bidirectional in some models. Since this is an electrical device, it obviously needs to be connected to a power outlet.

How to choose your new juicer

We have mentioned the differences in structure (which then affect the dimensions, which can be more or less bulky), but there are other elements to pay attention to:

  • Perfomance: From the simplest 25 W devices, you can reach top-of-the-range devices that deliver significantly more than 100 W. The choice in this range depends on the frequency of use and the speed required: Greater performance actually shortens juicing times and opens the doors to a intensive use.
  • Capacity: The pressed juice can flow directly into the glass or into an integrated carafe, which is more or less large depending on your needs. If you can rely on an inexpensive container, you have the option to squeeze more fruit one after the other, without having to worry about constant emptying.
  • Materials: from plastic tostainless steelthe choice in this area depends (again) on the use you want to make of the instrument. If you plan to juice more than one orange on the weekend, it may be worth investing in a material resistant and long-lasting, leaves no stains and does not change the taste.
  • Features: Some models have additional features available that can improve the user experience on various levels, such as automatic shutdown and closing with cover and that Anti-drip system to avoid spilling the juice everywhere.

In our opinion the best

The selection below only includes the best on the market: all the juicers selected, despite belonging to different price ranges, are quality appliances, designed to last a long time and manufactured by the most famous (and reliable) home appliance brands. To top it all off, a Pay attention to aestheticswith design suggestions that can enhance any kitchen.

Electric juicers are not the only appliances that allow us to prepare many healthy, vitamin-rich drinks in the comfort of our own home. Those who want to explore other horizons and other preparation techniques can take a look at our relevant guides Juicer and the best mixers, both by immersion The Table.

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