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(Last updated: June 2024)

Although Italy is the undisputed home of espresso (which is strictly prohibited), American coffee machine Now, their population is decreasing from north to south of the country. Whether accompanied by Sunday brunch, calmly sipping a hot drink in front of the TV, or going to work in perfect style New Yorkerthese small appliances allow you to brew a strong cup of coffee without losing its rich and fragrant aroma. In the gallery below, we have collected a small guide to dispel any doubts about this type of product and have selected some Best Model Currently in circulation.

How American coffee machines work

As the name suggests, drip coffee originated from the overseas custom of steeping espresso with hot water. It seems that it started to be called by this name in Italy. Second World Warobserving American soldiers who preferred to dilute the traditional drink with a cup. Given the high ratio of water to coffee powder in American coffee (5-7 grams per 100 ml), the machine was constructed as follows Use a specific filter It acts as a channel and creates a hot infusion through the water. In fact, the coffee falls from above, through the coffee filter to the container below, taking the opposite path compared to the vertical movement of the mocha.

For preparation, it is recommended to choose a blended coffee type Arabica coffee varietieswhich preserves the aromas longer, while it is best to use bottled water (rather than tap water) to avoid any traces of chlorine, which would make the drink more acidic. Finally, the ideal brewing temperature is around 94 degrees Celsius to guarantee perfect extraction of the aromas.

How to choose the right

Although operation is fairly simple and one model is very similar to another, there are some key factors to consider when comparing different drip coffee makers:

  • capacity: Refers Fuel tank capacity This contains the water used to brew coffee. The wider the range, the more likely you are to prepare more Number of cups Do it in one go and don’t worry about filling the container further.
  • strength: There are machines on the market with 600 to 1000 watts (or even more). Higher power means Reduce the time Possibility to dispense and prepare large quantities of coffee.
  • aspect: Depending on the space available in the kitchen, more or fewer machines can be chosen Pocket It can be carried even when traveling.
  • Coffee filtration system: And solutions with paper filters Disposable (must be replaced from time to time and does not require maintenance), equipment with a fixed system can be used for a long time, but must be cleaned regularly.
  • Function: The most advanced (and most expensive) machines offer a range of additional options that simplify and speed up the coffee preparation process. Among them, the aroma function for selecting flavors stands out. power levelheat preservation and automatic ignition thanks to Timer Programmable.

The best second wired

In our gallery dedicated to the best American coffee machines you can find all the most interesting variants of each type. From those that load disposable filters to those that support Washable filter and reusable over time; from Retro look Products characterized by an extremely rational and contemporary aesthetic; from the simplest and cheapest devices to the most technological and expensive.

For coffee lovers, our advice doesn’t end there. We have many insights into Italians’ favorite drink: starting with the best Pod coffee machine it is at capsuleGet the model automatic and those portable,do not forget grinder Hey Electric milk frother.

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