Test and compare Google Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 8: They keep getting better!

Google has created and improved its line of smartphones over the years. With the Pixel 8a, the US company has expanded its 2024 duo into a trio. But shouldn’t you go for the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro? Or maybe the wisest offer is to buy a cheaper model from last year? Which pixel is correct?


Only the Pixel 8 Pro (far left) and Pixel 8a offer a matte back.

Photo: COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

speed limit

In everyday life, other requirements usually decrease. How fast do apps open? How fast does image processing work? The future will increasingly be about artificial intelligence. This is exactly the strength of the Tensor architecture. For now, we have a tried and tested classification system. And here 8 pixels manage to jump from “good” to “very good”. This is due less to the unchanged high operating speed than to the slightly better computing power of the Tensor G3.

Durability and charging

All the pixels in the 8 series are squeezed in compared to their predecessors Mobile phone battery test more about their virtually unchanged large batteries. With more than 14 hours of usage time, the Pixel 8a is positively exceptional. Not only does it pip the Pixel 8 Pro to second at 11:23 hours, but it even beats the powerful Samsung Galaxy S24 (12:56 hours). By the way, the current record is held by its big brother, the Galaxy S24 Ultra at 15:35. In addition, Google’s top model 8 Pro feels almost out of breath. In the end, the search engine giant’s devices offer solid durability values, but with the exception of the 8a, the other models could improve even further.
There is not much to complain about in terms of comfort. Control all the pixels wireless charging. A-models are limited to intake, others also offer giving and charging headphones through the back.

The best cell phone photography

8 and 7 pixels in comparison

8 and 7 pixels in comparison.

Photo: COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

The term “pixel” means it like no other term great cell phone pictures. 6px was great in its day, Followers did it even better and with 8px history repeats itself. The 8 Pro is currently the benchmark for smartphone photography – also based on pure test results Practical experiences. Because the Pixel 8 doesn’t have a telephoto lens, it ranks among the crowd Cell Phone Camera Scoreboard Behind the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro. The additional telephoto lens of the Pro models is noticeable even at low zoom levels and the optical magnification is better than the digital magnification. In the test, the quality of the photo is evaluated with a practical fourfold magnification. This is where the Pixel 8a has its only real photography weakness, the Pixel 8 handles it better. The more you zoom, the more the Pro models stand out.

The ultra-wide-angle Google Pixel 8a

Photo comparison: Google Pixel 8a, Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro

Photo: COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

When it comes to the main camera, the Pixel 7 and 8 are in no way inferior to the pros. The Pixel 7a and 8a are actually better equipped on paper with a higher resolution, but in reality the effective pixels are smaller. The image quality specified for the “Economy Pixels” exceeds that of most Android phones, but nowhere near the quality of the more expensive Pixels. Important to categorize: Even the bottom light of the Pixel camera 8a can compete with any phone from Xiaomi, Sony or OnePlus, some of which cost many times more. Also read: “Best camera tips for Google Pixel 8a, 8 and 8 Pro“. Google has always been good at updating its camera hardware with sophisticated image processing – at the right scale without over-the-top effects. If you like it, you’ll have to let AI do it for you. What “The magical editorAs for the 7 pixels, the reason is probably strategic, since most of the calculations are tied to the cloud and not to the internal processor.


Examples from the Magic Editor: the original in the upper left corner and five examples of what AI means by “stylized”.

Photo: COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

The front camera of Pixel phones also reliably takes really good selfies and is also responsible for face recognition. By customizing the software, this works so securely from the Pixel 8 series onwards that your own face is allowed to authenticate payments – a rarity in the Android sector.

Olé, Olé, OLED!

Comparison: Pixel 7a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 8a, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro

Size comparison (from left): Pixel 7a (6.1 inches), Pixel 7 (6.3 inches), Pixel 7 Pro (6.7 inches), Pixel 8a (6.1 inches), Pixel 8 (6.17 inches) , Pixel 8 Pro (6.7 inches). inches).

Photo: COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

Bad screens are practically extinct these days, and all Pixel phones also offer sharp displays with high-contrast OLED displays. The pros are sharper and significantly larger at 6.7 inches. The others are 6.1 (7a / 8a) to 6.3 inches (Pixel 7). In addition, only the 7 Pro and 8 Pro can drop the frame rate to 10 or even 1 hertz for static image content.

1st place: Google Pixel 8 Pro

2nd place: Google Pixel 8

Dem Google Pixel 8 Compared to the Pixel 8 Pro, UWB proximity radio technology and a special temperature sensor are missing. In the year Photo comparison Pixel 8a, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro It keeps up well with the top model as long as it doesn’t zoom. The smaller Pixel lacks a telephoto lens, but as long as you zoom in, the photos are top-notch. But it is significantly cheaper and only slightly weaker. If you can do without the mentioned pro features and want to use a convenient smartphone, the Pixel 8 is the best choice. Compared to the Pixel 7, the case is much more compact without significantly losing screen size. The performance is better, the screen is brighter. Compared to the Pixel 8a, the Pixel 8 has stronger water resistance, reverse wireless charging, and takes macro photos.

3rd place: Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is fast, lasts a long time and takes better than average pictures – although the Followers can do everything even better. How good the Pixel 7 is is shown by the same test results it shares with the newer Pixel 8a and the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro. Thanks to the lowest price, the Pixel 7 is at the top of the best list.

4th place: Google Pixel 8a

The Pixel 8a is a really good smartphone despite the somewhat thick-looking edge of the case. On the plus side, it has better-than-average photo quality and several AI post-processing functions. In the test, standard and telephoto shots were sharper on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, but most Android competitors have to admit defeat except for telephoto shots. But the Pixel 8a’s unexpected standout is its battery life, which puts it ahead of all other Pixels and most Samsung phones. Apart from that, the biggest little competition comes from our own company and it’s called the Pixel 8. Despite the bigger screen, it’s more compact, sleeker and better at everything except drive time.

5th place: Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is fast and has a large, very sharp screen. The durability is good and the photos are overall the best that smartphones can produce. Although the Pixel 7 Pro is slightly better than the other Pixel 7 series in many areas, it doesn’t manage to turn it into a better score. The follower can do everything better and is also more expensive.

6th place: Google Pixel 7a

This includes facial recognition, Tensor G2 and inductive charging Pixel 7a pretty close to the Pixel 7. The differences are in the details: the Pixel 7a has a slightly more manageable shape and a slightly larger battery that lasts longer. In the test, the camera had no weaknesses, except for oily telephotos. The small memory has no card slot (like all Pixel phones).

Conclusion: Google 8-pixel vs. 7-pixel

A little pixel story

Google Nexus One

The HTC Google Nexus One from 2010 can be considered the forefather of Pixel phones.

Photo: Google

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