Tesla towards 25 billion? Here is Musk’s visionary plan

Elon Musk surprised him Tesla Investors with a perspective bold about the future potential of humanoid robotspredicting that your robot called great could bring the value of the company of 580 million dollars to 25 trillion dollars. This would represent a to increase extraordinary of 43 times compared to the current value. During the shareholders’ meeting, musk he described himself as “pathologically optimistic“, underlining his confidence in the possibilities of the project.

Between humanoid robots and robotaxis

theMusk’s idea is to develop humanoid robots similar to C-3PO from Star Warsable to carry out a wide range of tasks, from factory work to daycare and more. He announced that the experimental production Of great will start next year, initially within Tesla’s factories. But he also admitted that there will be challenges to faceas has happened to others ambitious projects like Starship.

Despite Musk’s enthusiasm, many observers are skeptics regarding his prediction of to increase O The value of Tesla up to $25 trillion. Musk himself did not provide details on when this ambitious goal could be achieved, which suggests that he also considers the idea very optimistic.

Compared to the overall value ofS&P 500currently estimated at around 45.5 billion dollarsthe idea of Tesla worth more than half of the entire index is extraordinary. Cathie Wood, famous for her optimistic predictions about Tesla, also proposed the idea that the introduction of a robotaxi service could do the stock price from Tesla from $179 to $2,600 by 2029.

Musk’s optimistic views

These futuristic visions It depends various factorsincluding the ability to Tesla to overcome the technological and regulatory challenges. Despite the uncertainties, the promise of innovations like great hello robotaxi highlights Musk’s commitment to lead Tesla into a future of leadership in the technology and automotive sectors. It remains to be seen if the Musk’s ambitions will be fully realized, but his visionary spirit continue to catalyze interest and enthusiasm among investors and the global technology sector.

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