Tesla: the goal of producing 20 million EVs by 2030 is failing

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Electric car production targets are “missing” in the report.

To be sure, Tesla still says in its 2023 impact report that it wants to “replace fossil fuels by selling as many Tesla products as possible,” as it has in previous years. However, the automaker has removed references appearing in its 2021 and 2022 reports quantifying how many cars it wants to produce by the end of the decade.

Tesla predicts growth rate to be ‘significantly lower’

Tesla has sold 1.8 million cars in 2023 and has already warned that its growth rate will be “significantly lower” this year.

Last April, Musk pledged to bring more affordable vehicles to market by the end of 2024. But people in his circle say he’s focused mainly on launching a full-fledged driverless car, which Tesla plans to unveil on August 8.

Tesla’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts called ‘words of propaganda’

The 159-page report, released Thursday, covers the company’s environmental impact, water consumption and human resource policy efforts.

We remind you that Tesla released its first impact report in April 2019, joining the many companies in the S&P 500 stock index that produce brilliant testimonials about their sustainability results.

In the parts of the report regarding its workforce, Tesla no longer states that the majority of its employees are from underrepresented groups. Additionally, this year the company did not compare its employee diversity statistics to those of other technology and automotive companies.

Musk recently denounced diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, calling them “propaganda words.”

99.97% Supercharger sites average uptime, really?

Tesla also reports an average availability of 99.97% of its Supercharger sites in its report.

The automaker released these numbers just a few weeks after Musk fired almost the entire Supercharger team and said the company would slow down the expansion of its charging network to focus on 100% availability. Doubt is allowed…

The document also takes a comprehensive look at Tesla’s relationship with metal suppliers, a topic of high interest amid demand for electric vehicle batteries and new tariffs on cars and batteries from China.

Sources: Bloomberg

To sum it up

In one of its annual reports, Tesla missed a previously set goal of selling 20 million cars a year. The American manufacturer of electric cars thus adds to the indications that its boss Elon Musk now seems to prefer autonomous driving.
The company is releasing the numbers just weeks after Musk fired nearly the entire Supercharger team and said the company would slow the expansion of its charging network to focus on 100% availability.

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