Telepass and UnicoCampania: integrated mobility in Campania

Telepass And UnicoCampaniathe consortium that manages public transport prices in Campania has signed a partnership to offer citizens and tourists a simpler and more sustainable travel experienceThanks to the integration of public transport tickets into the Telepass ecosystem, getting around Campania will be even easier.

Purchasing UnicoCampania tickets with Telepass is now possible throughout the region

The news affects all provinces of Campania: Naples, Avellino, Benevento, Salerno And CasertaTelepass customers can now buy tickets for public transport managed by UnicoCampania directly through the apps Telepass And Telepass payment. A single platform to access the offers of the different local providers and choose the travel solution that best suits your needs.

The integration was made possible by URBIa Telepass Group company that acts as service integrator. URBI has aggregated the service and network of UnicoCampania according to the logic of MaaS (Mobility as a Service). An approach that puts the user at the centre of mobility services and offers tailor-made and increasingly sustainable solutions.

Telepass Unicocampania

In fact, Telepass aims to strengthen the quality and diffusion of its offer by actively collaborating with local public administrations to improve the travel experience of its customers in all major Italian cities. The partnership with UnicoCampania fits into this context and consolidates the already available service for purchasing tickets for local public transport in Milan, Rome and Venice.

“We firmly believe that by working with strategic partners in the public transport sector, we can create an integrated and flexible mobility system that meets the needs of a modern and constantly moving city.”“, he comments Aldo AgostinelliChief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer at Telepass.

“The agreement with Telepass was created with the aim of offering all public transport users a new sales channel for our tickets,” To mark Gaetano RattoPresident of the UnicoCampania Consortium.

The partnership between Telepass And UnicoCampania represents an important step towards increasingly integrated and sustainable mobility in Campania. To encourage the use of public transport, until 31 August 2024 Telepass offers a Free ticket for every 5 tickets purchased and validated.

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