Tavares trade union meeting in Turin: focus on the prospects of the Stellantis factory in Melfi – trmtv

The future of production and electric and hybrid models will be discussed on Monday, May 27

A meeting is scheduled for next Monday, May 27, in Turin between Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, and the unions to discuss the prospects of the Italian factories, including the one in Melfi. Gerardo Evangelista, secretary of the Fim Cisl Basilicata, emphasized the importance of this meeting to clarify the future of the Basilicata factory.

“Yesterday’s news of the meeting with Tavares is of fundamental importance for our factory in Melfi,” said Evangelista. “The meeting will be an opportunity to clarify the Melfi agreement of about a year ago, which provided for the production of four electric cars and a fifth under the Jeep brand, with a hybrid version announced later, ensuring the industrial future of the factory was guaranteed.” .

During the meeting, the unions expect to gain insight into which brands, models and electric and hybrid cars will be produced in Melfi. Evangelista underlined the need to also clarify the positioning and organization of the factory, the new models in production, the service life of the current cars, the battery assembly lines and the expected volumes for the coming years. These aspects are crucial for determining the level of employment and the impact on related businesses, allowing companies to plan targeted investments and ensure work and employment continuity at the Basilicata automotive site.

The secretary of the Fim Cisl concluded: “Given the changes and the many rumors about the future of electric cars, it is also important to clarify the positioning and organization of the Lucanian plant, which will allow companies to realize projects with targeted investments, allowing the continuity of work and employment at the automotive site in Basilicata”.

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