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(AFP) – Emmanuel Macron is attending an artificial intelligence summit this Tuesday, bringing together the sector’s “talents” at the Elysée before heading to the VivaTech exhibition on Wednesday, with the aim of “making Paris a crucial place for artificial intelligence” in the world, he said
Monday Presidency.

The President of the Republic will largely devote these two days to this ” an extremely strategic technology that raises many questions but represents a significant reservoir of growth“, described the Elysee Palace. In line with the Choose France summit organized in recent days in Versailles to attract major foreign investors, the head of state will attend the final edition of the 2024 artificial intelligence summit organized in Seoul on Tuesday afternoon via video conference. After the United Kingdom in 2023 and South Korea, France will host the next edition of this summit in February 2025.

The President will then gather the “talents” of the sector at several round tables at the Elysée, such as Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, or Yann Le Cun, Vice President of Meta. Mr. Macron will then address the “ directions to take
even further” in artificial intelligence and thanks to Paris being an “AI powerhouse”, according to the Elysée. At the heart of the speech are announcements that will revolve around the recommendations of a committee of experts on generative artificial intelligence, which submitted its report to the executive in mid-March. She recommended France in particular to start a national education plan, or even invest five billion euros a year for five years, to be on the same level as the United States and China.

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Launch of several working groups

The President of the Republic should also announce the launch of several working groups to prepare the program of the AI ​​Summit organized by Paris in 2025, with the specific objective of ” establish methods of global and structured AI management“, Elysejský explained on Monday. In particular, France intends to differentiate itself from the UK, one of the industry leaders, by not limiting the AI ​​debate to “ existential risks of this technology », detailed the presidency. ” There are other problems
urgent and concrete about the deployment of artificial intelligence and its use for the common good“, we further specified on the eve of these presidential announcements.

The head of state will continue this insightful sequence on Wednesday afternoon with a visit to the VivaTech show, Europe’s largest event on new technologies, which takes place from Wednesday to Saturday in Paris and whose 8th year will be largely devoted to artificial intelligence.

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