Sutskever wants to develop super-smart, harmless AI

Back to the roots?

June 20, 2024, 07:48 AM | Source: dpa / Editing: Diana Künstler

One of the founders of ChatGPT inventor OpenAI is setting up his own AI startup. The goal of the new company, called Safe Superintelligence, is a harmless, highly developed artificial intelligence, Ilya Sutskever announced.

“What’s special about the company is that its first product will be safe superintelligence – and it won’t release anything else before that,” Sutskever told financial service Bloomberg1In this way, commercial pressure and competition with other AI labs are avoided, the researcher argued.

Ilya Sutskever (right) and Sam Altman, 2023
Ilya Sutskever (right) with Sam Altman (center), 2023

Sutskever is considered one of the leading minds in the development of artificial intelligence. At Safe Superintelligence he has two co-founders: Daniel Gross once worked on artificial intelligence at Apple, Daniel Levy once worked with Sutskever at OpenAI.

The question of whether AI systems could become dangerous to humanity as they become more powerful and independent has been a concern in the industry for years, with repeated warnings from experts and attempts by governments to minimize risks through strict guidelines and reporting requirements.

Sutskever was head of research at OpenAI. Last year he was involved in the surprise ouster of OpenAI boss Sam Altman, which was reversed a few days later under pressure from employees and major investor Microsoft. Sutskever remained in the background after that and left the ChatGPT developer in May.

The vision for the new company is a return to OpenAI’s roots as a non-profit research lab. However, a few years after its founding, OpenAI came to the conclusion that it could not survive without a commercial product. This led to a multi-billion dollar pact with software giant Microsoft and the publication of ChatGPT terms. How Sutskever’s new superintelligence lab will be financed has so far remained unclear.


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