Sunshine for your iPhone? 6 tips to avoid overheating

It’s going to be summer! Finally eating ice cream again, lying by the lake in the sun whistling. And finally again – striking iPhone? Unfortunately, yes. Almost everyone knows this: It’s getting hotter and hotter outside – and your iPhone is getting slower and slower.

The rise in temperature causes problems for the battery. iPhones are designed between 0 and 35 degrees to perform at its best and smoothly. If the devices are exposed to direct sunlight and scorching heat, this can quickly become a problem. So that you can play Candycrush or listen to podcasts at any time, despite the humid weather, we’ve put together six tips to prevent your iPhone from shutting down in the heat. We also reject the myth.

1. Don’t leave your iPhone in the sun

Greetings from the Captain Obvious: Don’t put your iPhone in the blazing sun. If it’s already 30 degrees in the shade, it’s definitely more in the sun. Temperatures above 35 degrees are definitely not good for your iPhone. This is even more true if Applications a ride that requires a lot of performance. For example, Google Maps is one such candidate. Pro tip: Don’t leave your iPhone on the passenger seat. This also applies to cold days.

2. Disable background updates

In iOS, you can set whether or not to enable background updates for apps. This feature checks for app updates and content even when they are not actively being used. Unsurprisingly, you’ll save battery if you turn this feature off. You can do this globally for all apps or for individual apps. The corresponding function can be found under Settings -> General -> Background updates. So if the battery suffers from high temperatures, you can give it some air

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3. Check the charger

See your iPhone charger. If you don’t use an official Apple charger, it can lead to overheating and overcharging the battery. Note: oh!

4. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

It’s actually quite simple: every function that’s turned off saves performance. So if you are not currently navigating with your mobile phone connected to a WLAN or a BluetoothIf you need to connect, turn off the functions. Also remember to check under Privacy if location services are turned off by default. Your iPhone will thank you.

5. Cool, cool, cool – but not in the fridge

If the iPhone just won’t cool down, you should provide refreshment from the outside. However, do not under any circumstances put the phone in water or in the refrigerator! Then heat is probably the iPhone’s least problem. Instead, the shell – if there is one – may fall off first. Since mobile phones, unlike computers, are not cooled by a fan, but instead release heat through the outer casing, removing the protective casing can be beneficial. You can also prevent overheating by not charging the phone and disconnecting it from the power sockets.

6. Turn off the power completely

If none of these help, turn off your iPhone and then store it in a cool place. No, not even now in the fridge or in a glass of water. A shady spot should be enough. If you can’t get further, the cause could also be in the hardware. In this case, Apple support can help you: with hot tips – or a repair.

Attention myth! Turn off background apps

We use many, many apps throughout the day. And who closes all the applications anyway? They continue to run happily. But be careful: If your iPhone overheats, still don’t close background apps to save performance. In iOS, apps that you no longer use actively freeze. In case of doubt, quitting just means that the iPhone has to use more energy when launching the app.

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