Suitable attitude for the species: VW ID Buzz XL GTX driving reference

The hottest car in Volkswagen’s current portfolio is no longer the Golf GTI or the newly sharpened Golf R. The electric ID Buzz, on the other hand, is making real waves in a lot of people and now has the long-awaited long wheelbase.

It’s not just the XL update that’s responsible for those in charge VW Commercial vehicles in Hanover are just as happy as the customers. Along with the new big version, the long-awaited GTX version also comes with more power, a bigger battery and a tolerable top speed. Even if the mood at Volkswagen could be significantly better at the moment. Hardly any vehicle puts the brand couple from Wolfsburg and Hanover in such a good mood like the VW ID Buzz. Since the large XL version is now coming to international markets, the shine is getting a little bigger.

First of all, the appearance is right, because the extension from 4.71 to 4.96 meters not only brings noticeably more space inside, but is clearly good for the proportions of the buzz flank. Instead of five seats, new e-bus drivers can now look forward to six or seven seats behind the sliding doors, which have been increased in width by 19 cm. However – only on the rarest of occasions will the ID Buzz XL be occupied by people in every seat, and so many families especially look forward to the configuration with four individual seats, plenty of legroom and cargo space. Anyone who sits in the spacious rear through the power sliding doors will be pleased with the comfortable individual seats, which can be adjusted in several ways and are heated. There are USB ports, separate climate control, plenty of light from the panoramic roof and practical electric sliding windows. With five people the load space reaches 1,340 liters and even with seven people there is still 306 liters of luggage space available. If you fold all the seats flat, you can use up to 2,469 liters in the XL Bully.

It ended at 160 km/h

The increase in the wheelbase to 3.24 meters is not only pleasantly noticeable through the two rear seats in row three which can also be folded, but there is also more space in the second row and therefore a quality of life for the passengers. Access to the third row is achieved either by folding down the rear seats or by climbing between the individual chairs. Up front, everything is as usual – the function works smoothly, the overview is good, but the viewing angle of the driver and front passenger on the central 12.9-inch touchscreen could be better. Even in the stylish GTX version, passengers have to sit in artificial leather with Alcantara inserts in the front and back, because only the steering wheel is currently covered in genuine leather. It would be nice if Volkswagen wanted to give its customers a choice, because the plastic covers on the seats hardly fit the equipment of an electric van costing more than 70,000 euros. By the way: as big as the 1.5 square meter panoramic roof is, it can easily be electromagnetically shaded from excessive solar radiation at the push of a button. But a useful roll that ensures comfort inside when it rains or in winter cannot be found in the equipment list.

After a few meters it becomes clear: with its 2.7 tonnes, the VW ID Buzz XL is no lightweight, and four-wheel drive is not only a problem due to the larger towing capacity of 1.6 / 1.8 tonnes. Therefore, the ID Buzz XL GTX with 250 kW / 340 hp 4×4 version is a much better choice than the rear-wheel drive car with 210 kW / 286 hp, even if it costs half a meter of turning circle. The chassis rides pretty tight with the impressive and large 20-inch wheels, and the steering is smooth and precise. Bitter: the GTX turns off quickly and has more than enough power thanks to 560Nm of torque, but on the motorway it quickly becomes a tiresome number because at 160km/h the speed is electronically limited very early. It is not only about a high constant speed, but also about the proper safety precautions when overtaking. These are currently scarce and so the ID Buzz XL, even as a GTX version, lags behind in the competitive environment, which is not only made up of electric models.

While the other versions of the ID Buzz have to make do with smaller batteries, the two versions with 210 kW / 286 HP and 250 kW / 340 HP are equipped with the new CATL battery and a capacity of 91 kWh (86 kWh net In fact, however, no there should be more than 400 kilometers left until the next charging stop. There is good news in the plug, because the charging power has increased significantly to at least 200 kW. So it remains: the VW ID Buzz, especially in the GTX version, is a real mood maker in the portfolio and should appeal to many customers.The price for the GTX is yet to be determined.But it should be around 70,000 euros.

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