Sony removes 8K label from PS5 box

Without too much fuss, Sony starts removing 8K text from PS5 boxes. This writing has been around since the launch of the new console generations, but in recent years only one game has been able to reach this resolution (with obvious limitations). Do not forget that 8k monitors and displays have a limited choice, but the cost is still high. Therefore, for now only the 4K logo at 120 fps and the HDR logo remain, which are the ones that are most consistent with the performance guaranteed by the latest PlayStation, while waiting for a possible Pro model.

With the 8k logo removed from the top right corner of the PS5 box, images have begun to circulate on X (see post below). Use of multimedia content Given that only one native 8K game (7680 x 4320 pixels and 60 frames per second) has been released in all these years, writing like this has been considered controversial and potentially misleading, not a video game title. tourist Developed by Shin’en Multimedia: However, we found that the console could not handle the resolution as well as it could, and the small game did not cause the slightest confusion as hoped. Sony is therefore reviewing the design of the box and its communication with consumers and providing more honest and credible statements about the capabilities of its consoles.

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It’s possible that Sony has now decided to cancel writing of that version. Prepare for a possible center console Ps5 Professional Editionit might actually be able to handle ultra-high resolution content and games. Or, to put it more simply, we’re going to focus everything on The future of PS6which should present more powerful processing power and The hardware has evolved at least as long as the current generationsupporting highly anticipated games such as Grand Theft Auto 6.

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