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The Bolloré group has formalized its project to produce next-generation batteries, called “solid”, in a future gigafactory installed in Alsace by 2030. Here’s what we know.

It was in the pipeline for several weeks now. Now it’s official. On the initiative of the Bolloré group, a new gigafactory dedicated to the production of batteries for electric cars will see the light of day in France in the coming years.

Bolloré: Gigafactory by 2030

At the end of last week, during the visit of Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, to Brittany, the Bolloré group formalized the construction of a gigafactory in Alsace to produce new generation batteries by 2030.
This project “is a very strong symbol of this French reindustrialization in the market”stated Bruno Le Maire at the end of the visit the Blue Solutions battery factorynear the group’s headquarters in Ergué-Gabéric.
The future campus will see the light of day in the Mulhouse area. This location is “logistics junction between France and Germany”a spokesperson for the group said a few weeks ago.
According to the press release, the Alsatian project should to create almost 1,500 jobs by 2032with total investment of more than 2.2 billion euros. This gigafactory will fifth in France.
It should reach an annual production capacity of 25 gigawatt hours (GWh), the equivalent of 250,000 vehicles electric per year. The Ministry of the Economy and the Grand-Est region did not want to disclose the amount of public support allocated to this project.

Batteries of the “future” made in Alsace

“All in all, in a sector that did not exist 5 years ago – we did not produce a single electric battery in France – we are going to recreate new industrial sector who will represent 20,000 jobs within 10 years industrial »Bruno Le Maire also stated during his visit to Finistère.
Blue Solutions batteries, called 4th generation, are Lithium-metal semiconductor batteries ». Assumed offer 40% additional autonomy “compared to the maximum capacities designed for lithium-ion batteries” current, according to the press release.
“We are the only ones in the world who have industrialized” production of solid batteries “lithium metal”, emphasized Cyrille Bolloré, CEO of the group. He also highlighted their innovations: a faster chargingand increased energy density and reducing self-discharge.
Next, theirs long duration life, their safety and theirs lower price make it the technology of the future. This is also why they are considered the “grail” of electric car manufacturers.

The Bolloré group is not not the only one in the moment fixed battery, In France. Indeed, group Taiwan ProLogium will also producein his future gigafactory Dunkirkby 2027. Co strengthen competitiveness France.

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