Socomec, a company founded in 1922 and specializing in the management and security of low-voltage electrical networks for the energy demands of its customers, presented its new research laboratory dedicated to energy storage. The “Energy Storage System (ESS) Grid Lab”, installed in Nordhouse near Strasbourg, can reproduce different installations and carry out research, be it microgrids, grid integration, but also energy storage.

Thanks to its generators, the 500 m² center can, for example, simulate networks from around the world with different types of local voltages and frequencies. It also allows you to perform tests with your own microgrid with a maximum capacity of 3 MW. Finally, the site, which has 15 employees, has an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) platform with real electric vehicles and DC fast chargers to reproduce real-world conditions, as well as a laboratory surveillance platform used for security. , modeling, data analysis, etc.

Finally, the lab analyzes the performance of the batteries – including the effect of time on them – and examines the mechanical components and related energy conversion devices. “This initiative comes in a context where energy storage systems play a key role in ensuring grid stability and reliability as the supply of renewable energy sources grows,” the company said.

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