Sinner becomes world No. 1: Who is the Carlotta boy, the tennis player who conquered fans on social media

Six friends wearing peculiar carrot dresses and sharing a passion for tennis. Jannik SinnerThis is a story Carrot Boythis The limits of South Tyrolean tennis players He is writing history for Italian tennis. Davis Cup victory In recent months and conquered it Australian Open be opposed to Novak Djokovic, The South Tyrolean won first place in the ATP rankings, becoming world No. 1. Djokovic himself paid the price, withdrawing from the French Open due to injury: all the affection for the 23-year-old Italian athlete was transferred to him, who went from a promise to a magnificent reality.

Following all the exploits of the Italian champion are these six friends from Revello, in the province of Cuneo, who are now world-famous for wearing carrot dresses in the sinners’ race. Enrico Ponsi, Francesco Gabotti, Alessandro De Dominici, Alberto Mondino, Lorenzo Ferrato and Gianluca BertorelloAmong them are 26 and 28 years old They have known each other forever. The fame of the tennis player has grown so much that he is currently ranked fourth in the ATP rankings. Nearly 100,000 fans Instagram They have an official website and launched a series of products Gadgets Support Jannik.

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Because that’s how Carlotta boys dress

From that moment on, their adventure began. In fact, during that match, the Carlotta boys really drove the spectators in the stands crazy, as well as the athletes, who smiled despite being nervous when they noticed them. Lavazza He was able to watch Sinner live during the French Open. Even then, their carrot skirts did not attract attention. So did Wimbledon and the US Open in New York: but Why are they dressed like carrots? It’s easy to assume their look is borrowed Sinner’s Hair: This is partly true, but it is not the only explanation. In fact, the Carlotta boys have explained several times that the name and the vegetable costume are derived from an incident that took place during the ATP Championships in Vienna in 2019, when their idol Sinner He ate a carrotinstead of the classic banana.

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