Samsung launches smart shoes, how they work and how to get them

The shoes of the future are on the way and they seem to be, at the moment, the dream of fitness lovers (and not only). Samsung launches a new model of sports shoes, from smart functionalitywith which you can perform a large number of actions.

His name is tennis shortcut and were designed and created with the support of an advertising agency, Cheil Benelux, a multimedia production house. La Bruut Amsterdam, the company Elitac Wearables and the well-known sneaker designer Roel van Hoff.

As it is easy to imagine, long before knowing all its characteristics, Samsung’s smart shoes have caught the attention of the curious and the passionate about new technologies. However, many will be disappointed: they are not available to everyone and only a very small number of people will be lucky enough to try them. Let’s find out all the features, functions and how to get it.

The features and functionality of Samsung’s smart shoes

Let’s start with the aesthetic aspect. The new sneakers launched by Samsung they are inspired by space, technology and innovation. The external color is a brown that turns gray, like the celestial bodies, with some black details that remind the universe and the white base. There are no predominant bright colors: the end result is sober and without frills.

On the technological side, the smart shoes from Samsung seem to promise exceptional features. They settled on the sole all hardware components necessary to guarantee its operation. Through particular foot touches and movements, promptly supervised by sensors which evaluate the distance between the shoes, their movement, the distance traveled and more, various actions can be performed.

Specifically, the shoes are capable control your smartphone with a wireless connection. In fact, through an application you can associate up to five actions a five different movements. For example, you can answer or make calls, activate music playback, set night mode and much more simply by shaking your feet, clicking your heels or testing your hand. moonwalk. Everything was shown in a presentation video.

How to get on board with Samsung’s new smart shoes

But where can you buy Samsung’s smart slippers? Here comes the sore point, because the shoes are very limited edition and are reserved for a very small number of lucky people. There are, at the moment, only six pairs Around the world

To be able to win them is necessary participate in a competition. Only Samsung Members will be able to access it. Entries close on July 9, 2024, while the draw will take place on July 15, 2024. The shoes can be considered genuine collector’s items.

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