Samsung is going for full AI with the Galaxy Book4 Edge: our hands-on

Samsung Presented today Galaxy Book4 Edgea laptop that focuses on artificial intelligence – both Windows Copilot+ The Galaxy AIWe had the chance to try out both the 14- and 16-inch versions in preview and were surprised by the sleek design, AI features, and great integration with the rest of the Galaxy ecosystem.

With the Galaxy Book4 Edge, Samsung relies on AI (but not only) | Practical

The first thing that struck us when we saw the new laptop at the Samsung Smarthings Home in Milan was undoubtedly the Very thin edges of this device. Although I 10.9 mm thick (For the 14-inch version, the 16-inch version measures 12.3 mm) are not far from those of the Rest of the Galaxy Book4 seriessome changes in the design make the edges look really, really thin. And the weight of 1.16kg for the 14″ and from 1.55kg for the 16-inch device confirm that these devices are designed to be easily carried anywhere.

Then we saw the screen turn on, which confirmed that Samsung fears no competitor in this area. The premium display with technology Dynamic 2X AMOLED it has a resolution 3K (2880×1800 pixels) and an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. In addition, it has a touchscreen (which is especially useful if you connect your Galaxy smartphone), and there is no shortage of features Automatic super resolution for impactful images. The bezels are not the thinnest we’ve ever seen, but we really like the overall result: it’s a laptop that puts a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic part.

A snapdragon heart

If the design and display are impressive, the big news compared to the rest of the series is the Galaxy Book4 Edge processor that relies on AI. In fact, it offers excellent AI computing power 45 TOPS thanks to the powerful platform Snapdragon X10.

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Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge performs copilot test

We haven’t had a chance to fully test the performance of either laptop, but given the high-performance chip and large bottom fans for heat dissipation, they promise to perform very well. The Samsung team tells us that this isn’t a machine specifically designed for CPU or GPU-intensive tasks, but you can still Achieve top performance in all areas. Translated: It’s not a PC for gaming or editing movies, but it can handle graphic work and casual game playing without any issues.

All with a promised autonomy of 20 hours for the 14-inch model and 22 hours for the 16-inch model. For us, this is the most revolutionary feature of the device. Although the possibilities offered by AI and the ecosystem are really interesting.

Copilot+ and Galaxy AI: The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge is full of artificial intelligence

Samsung’s new laptop is one of the first Copilot+ PCs that can be fully utilized Microsoft’s AI directly with the Qualcomm processor. The function Recall At the moment it is not ready yet, Microsoft has postponed it. But otherwise, by purchasing the Galaxy Book4 Edge you can already try out all the other new features.

News like Live subtitlesthat delivers accurate subtitles in real time, regardless of the application you’re using. And it even translates many other languages ​​into English and Chinese, even without the need for a connection.

Then you can try it Co-creator of color from Microsoft, which uses AI to improve drawings and texts and turn them into works of art. Or I Windows Studio Effects to make video conferencing easier, with the recordings always well centered. And even more fun with different types of filters and effects. If you have a recent Galaxy smartphone, you can also use your smartphone’s camera as a webcam and achieve great results.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge for multiple devicesSamsung Galaxy Book4 Edge for multiple devices

In addition to these functions, there is the Special AI buttonto use all the features of generative AI with great simplicity.

Galaxy AI works on your PC

In addition to Microsoft’s branded innovations in artificial intelligence, Samsung has launched a number of Galaxy AI also on the Galaxy Book4 Edge. In fact, you can connect Galaxy tablets and smartphones to see the reproduction of your device from the PC. Through the touch screen you can activate functions such as Circle and Google Search for your image search, as well as the use of functions such as Chat assistant and live translation.

In addition, there are all the new features that can be found in the rest of the product range Book4Edge. So you can mirror your PC screen on tablets and smartphones. Or use your laptop’s keyboard and touchpad on tablets and smartphones and easily switch the cursor from one screen to another wirelessly. The Samsung team showed us how this feature works and we have to say it works really well: you can even move files from one product to another. Go to your smartphone with the touchpad, press CTRL+C to copy and paste some photos on the desktop. All in real time.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 EdgeSamsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Samsung also offers something special when it comes to security. Do you actually find it SamsungKnox in addition to Microsoft Secured Core certification, which provides the highest level of Windows 11 protection.

Price and availability

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge It is a laptop that really impressed us. With its cutting-edge AI features, perfect integration into the Galaxy ecosystem, but also with some “basics” like a light and thin design, supported by a large screen and Autonomy that goes far beyond the working day.

The price starts at 1,699 euros for the 14-inch model, 1,799 for the 16-inch model, both with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. If you really want the best, you can focus on the model with Snapdragon X Elite X1E-84-100 (instead of 80-100), even more powerful, with 1 TB of storage.

However, this is possible until July 11 Buy them all with a discount of 150 eurosand there are trade-in offers and discounts in various shopping channels that bring the price down. We tried it out too briefly to tell you if it’s a deal breaker – but it certainly made a great impression on us. Find all the details on Samsung website.

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