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Anyone who trusts the new version of Runways Tool can look forward to new security measures. On the one hand, internal moderation systems are used for the videos. On the other hand, the company has adhered to the standards of Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) also prescribed TikTok, LinkedIn, Adobe and co.

However, it is unclear where the training data comes from and whether the videos could be based on content that was freely available but not intended for such training. The collaborating artists and media companies are also not named. And so the downside for users is that such a handy creation tool lacks transparency. This could be based on exploiting the creation economy to promote it in terms of marketing and sales. However, this would not be a novelty in the intensified Gen AI competition.

In any case, text-to-video tools are showing tremendous further development and the battle for the favor of users – and business users – continues. The AI ​​expert Jens Polomski Write about it on LinkedIn:

(…) The race is on! 🚀What was image, text and audio in recent months is now also shifting to the subject of video. Suddenly, the quality is improving at multiple providers and we are moving from “weird moving images” to increasingly realistic videos with more and more control (…).

You currently have more options for creating AI-based videos. How the training for this takes place is another matter.

Dream Machine AI videos:

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