Realme GT6 review: Is the “flagship killer” really back?

One foot in the past and one in the future. realme GT6 has two ambitious goals: the concept of “Flagship Killer“We offer high-quality technical specifications at a competitive price and focus on‘artificial intelligenceespecially when taking and editing photos. But will it be able to achieve these goals? They are very ambitious, especially in a price range where the competition is very strong. In this test we try to find out whether the Realme GT6 really competes with the best or “just” offers excellent value for money.

Our review of the Realme GT6

One thing we know for sure: The Realme GT6 has set itself apart from the rest: When it comes to packaging, the company has decided Charger not includedand opt to leave a USB-A/USB-C cable instead. A decision that might make some people turn up their noses: it’s certainly not the first thing we would have wanted to see Realme “steal” from the top-of-the-range. But fortunately, the launch offer packages remedy this by providing 120W charger.

And then there is one more in the package Silicone case: a good habit that Realme maintains even in this flagship killer.

“Mirror” design

realme GT6 It has a sophisticated design where the edges of the display merge with the sides of the smartphone. But the real touch of style is given by shiny backwhich creates an interesting color effect in the rectangle where the three rear cameras are located. It is not embossed – and the rest of the back is glossy too. But the piece really works Mirror, so much so that you can use it to film yourself with the rear view cameras. A touch of style that we like, even if the “maintenance” worries us a little: the point between the cameras is the most complicated to clean and the mirror effect amplifies the effect of fingerprints and dust.

However, the metal edges are more opaque and do not show fingerprints.

USB C Realme GT 6 review

There is space below USB-C port and the reader for the Dual SIM. Only the right side is occupied by the buttons, with the power button at the bottom and the volume buttons at the top.

Realme GT 6 buttons reviewRealme GT 6 buttons review

With dimensions of 162 x 75.1 x 8.7mm and a weight of 191 gramsThe device is thinner and more manageable than many smartphones of this size. However, the display, which extends over the edges and the back, is smooth They do not make gripping easier. With the included silicone case the situation improves significantly.

Well-made and (very) bright display

The smartphone has a display 6.78 AMOLED Customs with excellent color reproduction. The vertical edges are practically non-existent and the panel folds on the sides: you have a lot of space at your disposal.

View Realme GT 6 reviewView Realme GT 6 review

The refresh rate varies up to 120Hzthanks to 8T LTPO technology. But the most striking data is Ben’s peak brightness 6000nit. We found the ad of realme GT6 Great for viewing content even in direct sunlight.

On the screen we also find the integrated fingerprint readerwhich works perfectly. The stereo audio also works quite well, which combined with the display offers excellent performance for those who like to watch videos, series and even movies on their smartphone.

The fact that glass is used is excellent Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2very durable to protect against drops and scratches. There is no other smartphone of this type for under a thousand euros.

Realme GT6 review: Performance and daily use

The beating heart of realme GT6 it is the chip Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, which is not the absolute top class (we don’t know if the “S” stands for “small”, but the chip is smaller and a little less powerful than what we find in the flagships), but offers a lot of performance in everyday use. And at the same time it allows artificial intelligenceWhen it comes to photo editing, it’s far from the fastest smartphone we’ve ever seen – but it invokes the AI ​​very quickly.

Daily Use and Performance Realme GT 6 ReviewDaily Use and Performance Realme GT 6 Review

THE 16GB RAMpractically expandable, a 512 GB internal storage They provide fluidity and plenty of storage space. There are also versions with 12+256 GB and 8+256 GB. We didn’t notice any losses in our tests and the device even held up very well when gaming, thanks in part to a good nine-layer cooling system.

the interface Realme UI 5.0based on Android 14, proved to be stable and responsive despite the addition of a few too many pre-installed apps and numerous graphical tweaks.

Artificial Intelligence according to Realme

Interesting the integration of AIalthough we believe that this is not yet one of the reasons to buy this smartphone. The functionality that Removes unwanted elements from photos using AIseems to us to be the most successful. If it can easily remove a person from the background, it does so, otherwise it finds a way to create a “less cluttered” element. But on the smartphone you can also find Google Photos, which offers the Magic Eraser and Magic Editor functionalities that work similarly in the cloud.

Additional features include: AI night vision modewhich Realme says is supposed to improve the video when there is no light. Or AI Smart Image Mattingwhich lets you cut out subjects from photos to share them. And then there are navigation features like AI Smart Loop, AI Photo Search and Air Gesturesto use your smartphone without touching the screen. All features that the company is introducing for the first time on the GT6, but that it also hopes to bring to future devices. There is room for improvement, but even today they are interesting features to try out (even if we hardly used them in daily use).

realme GT6 review: a good camera

The photographic area of realme GT6 It consists of three rear sensors: the main sensor Sony LYT-808 from 50MP and with optical stabilization, among others 50MP telephoto lens It is a 8MP wide angle.

Realme GT 6 camera reviewRealme GT 6 camera review

The main camera performs excellently (considering the price range) and gives way a little High-quality images with well-saturated colors and a high level of detail. Especially in bright light, a “point & shoot” is enough to get very good pictures that you can proudly show on social media.

The telephoto lens offers good performance in 2x and 4x zoom, that do not lose detail. However, we like the colors less than the main color. However, the telephoto lens pays off in full in portraits with non-trivial focusing: we really liked this aspect that Realme has been focusing on lately.

There Wide angle is less brightas well as 32MP front camerawhich struggles a bit in less than ideal lighting conditions (we had some issues with overexposure outdoors or near windows). Videos that can be recorded up to 4K at 60fps and with With Dolby Vision they are of decent quality, even if the stabilization is not always perfect.

Autonomy and charging really at the highest level

Realme has made us well acquainted with autonomy and charging: its smartphones often have excellent autonomy and charging. But with this “flagship killer” it really wants to overdo it. With a battery of 5500mAhThe Realme GT6 offers exceptional autonomy: even on days of intensive use, we were able to end the day with a remaining charge of over 30%.

There 120 W fast charging It’s a real ace up its sleeve, although the lack of a charger in the box might annoy some people. However, thanks to the offers bunchthis problem can be easily solved.

Price and conclusion: a convincing “flagship killer”.

The realme GT6 In the version with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage, the list price is 799.99 eurosbut thanks to the introductory offer you can buy it at 699.99 euros including Realme Air 6 headphones and especially) the 120W charger. The same promotion is available from June 25 to July 4 on Amazon, where there are also versions of 12+256 GB for 599.99 Euro (instead of 699.99 Euro) and from 8+256GB for 549.99 euros (instead of 599.99 euros), both with the same accessories included. The 12+256GB variant is probably the most balanced choice, especially for those who prefer to rely on the cloud to store photos and videos.

Overall, the realme GT6 It proves to be a smartphone with an excellent price-performance ratio that offers a first-class user experience thanks to its high-quality display, solid performance and exceptional battery life. Of course, in this Price range, competition is toughand some competitors may offer a little more in terms of camera, but overall the Realme device holds up very well.

Maybe it’s not the “flagship killer” we expected, but that’s not for lack of effort: the problem is that there are many other excellent competitors in the €500-€800 price range. But realme GT6 remains a good buy: especially by taking advantage of the launch offers, it could be the right one for you.

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