R5 electric: will you be entitled to an environmental bonus for getting Renault’s new star?

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From 15 December 2023, the government must update the list of models eligible for the eco-bonus as the commercial launch of electric cars takes place. Will the Renault R5, which you can order from May 31, benefit from this financial boost?

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– Does the electric Renault R5 qualify for an environmental bonus?

You’re on the verge of falling for the electric Renault R5, the automaker’s new star, but its price is holding you back. In particular, from its cheapest version, the base level called “Iconic”, for 25,000 euros (with a small 40 kWh battery with an estimated range of 300 km), will not be available until 2025. to the public only on May 31 R5 E-Tech which benefits from a larger battery (52 kWh) and will have up to 410 km of autonomy for a price of 33,490 eurosor more or less for the Peugeot e-208 (34,100 euros), to be delivered in December 2024. Price without ecological bonus.

Cheap Electric Renault R5?

Will Renault’s new star benefit from this government aid for the purchase of electric cars, which amounts to a maximum of 4,000 euros, or 7,000 euros for the more modest French? Since the entry into force of the ministerial decree on December 15, Bercy has been laying regularly updates the list of models eligible for the environmental bonus. This list, which includes around sixty models, has just been extended by the electric Renault R5, via decree published on May 21. Indeed, the Renault R5 fulfills the main eligibility criteria for the environmental bonus, namely production in Europe, a small city car must be made in Douai (North) factory. Other eligibility criteria for the bonus, a sales price of less than €45,000 (without options) and a weight of less than 2.4 tonnes.

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After deducting the environmental bonus of 4,000 euros, the price of the version available from May 31 will therefore be reduced from 33,490 euros to 29,490 euros.

On the other hand, the exact price of the basic version including the ecological bonus remains a mystery, because it could reduce in 2025. However, if the €4,000 cap was maintained, the base R5 E-Tech, which costs €25,000 without bonuses, would therefore sell from €21,000.

Wait or get your checkbook out now, the choice is tough…

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