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Terra emergency service from Wortmann

June 17, 2024, 10:54 am |

Michaela Wurm

Wortmann promised the companies quick help if the server crashed. “Terra Emergency Service” guarantees the replacement of faulty servers within 48 hours.

Many companies in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are currently experiencing major problems due to severe flooding. If the server room is flooded and the server If you are standing in water and mud, Wortmann’s “Terra Emergency Service” can help, which was often used during the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in 2021 (connect professional reported).

In the event of a server failure, Wortmann promises to quickly provide and install a replacement server individually tailored to the respective company’s requirements. By quickly replacing faulty hardware within 48 hours, downtime is minimized and productivity is ensured.

“Terra’s emergency service was used more in a week than in a year. The flood situation is dramatic,” reports Christian Claus, head of Terra Service in Wortmann. “Customers are reporting flooding problems almost every day. Server rooms are under water and often there is more than a total loss server itself, but also the data associated with it, “says Claus. Because in many cases the server is still in the basement. And as a rule, the customer is left alone with the problem, because it is a case of force majeure. Even expensive services often fail. “With Terra’s emergency service, we offer a quick and efficient solution to deal with IT failures and ensure the continuity of business operations ,” Claus promised.

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