Positive development in the world’s oceans: what could be the reason?

Positive developments in sea temperatures, currently well below average.

The oceans stopped setting new heat records for the first time in 15 months. The surface temperature recently was no longer above the previous year’s daily values, according to preliminary data from the US platform “Climate Reanalyzer”.

The Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) expects global sea temperatures to remain below the 2023 extreme records in the second half of the year. Since March last year, sea surfaces have been exceptionally warm, recording daily highs since records began about 40 years ago. However, the temperature is currently well above the average for the years 1982 to 2011. Heat under water may also have a significant impact on Europe. As a result, the Gulf Stream is in danger of falling out of balance – which would result in an ice age, according to today’s experts.

AWI climate physicist Helge Gößling considers anthropogenic greenhouse gases to be the main reason for rising temperatures. Over 90 percent of the heat effect is absorbed by the oceans. Even a change of just a tenth of a degree means that large bodies of water will warm.

In addition, the El Niño climate phenomenon affected temperatures by drawing heat from the deep oceans into the Pacific. El Niño’s effect on the global average temperature is currently decreasing. A shift toward La Niña could lead to a drop in global temperatures, although the extent is still unclear.

The analysis suggests that factors such as reductions in sulfur emissions from shipping and the eruption of an underwater volcano may also have played a role.

However, these contributions appear to be too small to fully explain recent warming. It remains critical where the remaining growth comes from in order to better assess future developments.

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