Peter Lohmeyer drives a GWM Wey 03

The actor Peter Lohmeyer, known, among other things, from “The Miracle of Bern”, now privately decided on a GWM Wey 03. The criteria for him included the available space with 517 liters of trunk volume and the standard plug-in electric range hybrid of almost 140 km.

The father of five opted for the version with four-wheel drive and a system output of 442 hp (325 kW). Its GWM Wey 3 is equipped, among other things, with dual-zone automatic climate control, a multimedia system with a 14.6-inch screen and intelligent voice control. You can also use the child mode to turn off the rear speakers for the rear seat or play relaxing music as needed. Peter Lohmeyer, who, among other things, devotes himself to painting and supporting a regional football club, focuses on sustainability and increasing environmental awareness. For him, safe mobility in the future means using alternative driving options, but also switching to public transport or cycling. (ahem)

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